Dec 27, 2007

Our Story

Well, I've been inspired! Thanks to all the wonderful families that I have met on the web I have been inspired to start a blog of my very own. It has been such a blessing to have received the support I needed and I hope to do the same for others. I think this will be a great way to keep friends and family updated on our lives out here in the big ole state of Texas! I hope everyone enjoys reading about our journey not only raising a child, but a special child.
I can't believe that Cole is almost 5 months old! It seems like just yesterday he was born. I have been reflecting quite a bit lately about this past year. In church on Christmas Eve the pastor asked us to sum up our year in one word. My word...Roller coaster (okay that's 2 words) !! It has been a roller coaster of emotions. I went from on top of the world to feeling like I wanted to curl up in a ball. I still remember the day when I went in for a "simple" 24 week check-up. That was the day that completely changed my world. Normally Brooks goes with me to all of my appointments, but I figure that there is no need at this appointment. It's just a quick lets-see-how-things-are-progressing check-up. I sit down and notice that my doctor was making nervous small talk with me. Then she breaks the news. There is a possibility that something is not right with your baby. I'm without words...the room is spinning...tears are pouring out of my eyes. She sends me to a specialist. The minute I leave the office I'm on the phone with Brooks. We get to the specialist and are told there is a possibility of skeletal dysplasia. What?! Skeletal dysplasia??! I couldn't believe it. I will have to wait the next 16 weeks to see what will be "wrong" with my baby. Fast forward to Cole's birth. It is an easy day. I get in, get hooked up, get my epidural, push for about an hour and get my precious baby boy! He's perfect!! Ten fingers and ten toes. Then my pediatrician comes in and sends my world into a whirlwind. "We are pretty sure that he has Achondroplasia," she says. OK. "What does that mean?" Dwarfism. Again...tears come pouring out. I should point out that I wasn't able to do any research on the subject while pregnant. I just couldn't get myself to do it. I was living in denial. I knew deep down in my heart, but I was still holding out hope. The next few days was kind of a blur. I could feel myself just sinking into a hole. We went from one doctors appointment to another. I couldn't have done any of this without my amazing husband and wonderful parents who were there by my side the entire time. Then I start letting my friends in. I couldn't believe the love and support I received from ALL of my friends and family, including people I didn't know. Once I broke the ice about Cole it got easier and easier until one day I woke up and I didn't even shed a tear. It may have taken me a few weeks, but I came to realize one thing...I have my baby. I get to hold and kiss and love my beautiful baby Cole. He made it! I get to fall asleep with him in my arms every night and wake up to his smiling face every morning. I know that we have a long road ahead of us, but I get to take that road with Brooks and Cole.
So to sum up my word is Roller coaster. What's your word? What are you grateful for this year? Now on to the next chapter in my life. May 2008 be a year filled with joy and happiness!

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How Life is Measured said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogging! It's going to be so nice to be able to follow Cole's life! It's been reall good for me to know that there are other people out there who are going through the same thing. Can't wait to see the latest pictures!

Holly said...

Katie I love the idea of your family blog! I love hearing about others inspirations. My word to sum up our year would be "Change". Whether good or bad, change is always hard - and the Crane's have learned to go with the flow!!! I am grateful for all of my blessings and my wonderful family & friends!! 2008 here we come!

We love the Johnson Family - thanks for sharing :)

Love you,

Jodi said...

Thanks for sharing. Your writing moved me. It is wonderful to see all the love and joy your family brings. I look forward to reading your blog!
I'm a fellow blogger, but not very good at it. I haven't updated in weeks! I'll try to do that this weekend...
My word for the year is also roller coaster. It's been a rough one. I'll be happy to kiss this year goodbye and be on to a bigger and better year for the Zechter family!

Lots of love,

Jennifer said...

My word is grateful. I have had a wonderful year full of blessings. I have two wonderful grandsons, Owen and Drew born six days apart. I have two inherited granddaughters, Alyssa and Carly that brighten my world. We have a wedding coming up on May 31st for Anne down in FL which will give me another treasured son-in-law. I have met so many incredible folks through the internet and have found a wonderful support system for Owen as he grows and experiences the adventures life sends his way. I am so grateful that he will have a set of built in friends that he will know from birth to share his ups and downs. Cole, Knoah, Bryan, Liz, Leah, Aiden, Samuel and angels Avery and Theo. GRATEFUL!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Looks like we are the only non-bloggers now. I keep thinking I should, but am intimidated as you have all set such a high bar! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful holiday. So did we. Bryan was gift enough for me...we are so blessed.

YaYa to Bryan

Myra said...

I love this! Cole is such a sweetie pie. I miss you guys. I am so thankful to have you guys in my life. :)

Jim said...


Thank you and Brooks for giving us such a beautiful grandson. Just remember, "when life deals you lemons just make some lemonade." Your mom and I are very proud of the person you have become. We love you.


Brooks said...

Babe I am so proud of you!!! You are the best mom in the world. Cole and I are so lucky to have in our lives... I thank you so much for being my rock when I am weak. I love you more than words can say.

Anonymous said...

Please update your blog!! We want to know how you and Cole are doing!!

Katie said...

hello Anonymous...
We have been updating. For some reason it's taking you back to my very first post. Type into your browser
I hope you find ALL of our updates and I find out who this is :)

Dina Syukrah said...

Hi Katie,

Yes, you inspired us a lot. Going through the same experience, and I can really feel every single moment you been through.

My baby is almost 3 months old and also diagnosed with achondroplasia. Thank God, I have few parents who sharing the same experience.

Thanks for your effort to write those wonderful story about Cole.

sarah m said...

Thanks for sharing your story! It is inspiring to hear your thoughts and how positive you are. Cole is so very precious!! :)

Alyssa Carpenter said...

Hi. I found out my child might have this as well. Would you be willing to email me. I just don't have anyone who knows what it is like to be going through this to talk to.