Jan 20, 2008

Carrots, Carrots and more Carrots!

Cole finally tried some yummy carrots!! He wasn't so sure about this strange, gooey, orange stuff at first. He's only had milk and rice cereal which are both white and bland! I think he had more fun getting it all over his face than actually eating it! Yesterday, when he first tried the carrots, he did such a great job of swallowing it. Today, well you can see the pictures below! I just wanted ya'll to get a good laugh! Have a good night!

4 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

Katie he is so cute! Looks like he's doing great. At least he didn't spit them directly at you....yet!

Jodi said...

OMG! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

When Bryan first started eating baby food, he used his tongue upside down! He would try to lick everything with the BOTTOM of his tongue. He got it down though, and now loves eating. Esp. sweet potatoes.

Cole has a beautiful smile. He looks like he is always happy!

YaYa to Bryan

Tonya said...

YEAH COLE!!! I love seeing you grow! You make momma very happy and proud! Soon meat and peas will follow, there all good!