Jan 23, 2008

Cole Did It!!!!

That's right!! Cole finally ROLLED over!!!! He has now successfully rolled over from back to belly and from belly to back!! Of course, I missed it! I'm home with him all day long and he chooses when I'm in the next room putting groceries away to roll over. I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I heard Cole get very chatty, so I walked over and there he was...on his tummy!!! I didn't know what to do...grab the video camera?? Call Brooks??? I did both with tears in my eyes!! I'm such a proud mommy!! All day long I tried to get him to do it again with video camera in hand and no such luck. He would get so close and just flop back over. Tonight, I went to a ladies night in my neighborhood. I wasn't even there 5 minutes and I get a call from Brooks. "Cole rolled over!!!!!" He was so incredibly excited that Cole rolled over for him. It was so sweet! So, I missed it twice!!! So not fair, but as soon as I get it on camera I will be posting it!!

9 sweet comments:

Tonya said...

GREAT JOB COLE!!!! I am so proud of you!! Now comes crawling, what will you choose? The spider crawl, the snow plow? Oh, what a great feeling your mommy is having!!

Hugs from Knoah!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

OMG how cute is that. YAH!!!FOR COLE!!!!


Jennifer said...

Yay Cole. Big Milestone time! Congratulations Baby and have lots of fum with your new skill!

Holly said...

Omg I can't believe you missed it!!! I am so proud of COLE!!! I can't wait to see the video!!!!

Lisa said...

Congrats! Wait until you're lying on the floor with him and you doze off, and look up and he's clear across the floor! Good Times!

Anonymous said...

Awww...great job Cole!!!! You made me cry! Way to go lil man...you have many admirers!

♥Joanna Nunnally (and Ashton!)

The Birch Family said...

What an amazing little boy! Campbell still hasn't tried rolling over yet! He's sure a cutie! Love, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mommy and Baby Cole!! What a big event! And I'm sure he will soon be rolling over (and over and over) that you will get plenty of video camera footage!

Melissa & Mattilyn

Kai said...

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Give my kisses to Cole...God bless your Family!