Jan 1, 2008

Here's to you baby Cole!

Happy 5 Month Birthday Cole!!!
How quickly our babies grow and change! I'm loving every minute of being Cole's Mommy! Here's to an even better 2008! Happy Birthday my love!

Our sweet boy is 5 months old today

Cole at 4 months old!

Cole at 3 months old!

Cole at 2 months old!

Cole at 1 month old!

2 sweet comments:

Tonya said...

How sweet! You can see the progess of "What are you doing-to-Oh, you have a camera...I know what to do!"

Love them!!

Anonymous said...

Katie...what a journey you are on!! You have a gorgeous little man and an awesome husband next to you. You definately took a lemon of a situation made the sweetest lemonade anyone could ever taste! Here's to a healthy, happy and good 2008!! Much love from my family to yours..Love ya!!
Joanna Nunnally X♥X♥