Jan 16, 2008

I'm coming home!!

Well, not for good :( Cole and I are flying home to California on February 15!! We will be there to celebrate Grandpa Jim's birthday (my dad) and then shortly after it is my birthday (March 1--don't forget)!! I'm so excited to go home for a few days. I get to spend time with all of my family and most of my friends!! I even get to go help my Bestie, Krystle, look for a wedding dress....so exciting since I'm a bridesmaid!!

Please say a little prayer for Cole. On February 1, he is going to have another MRI. This time they have to put him to sleep so that they can get accurate images. I pray that everything looks really good with his head, but I don't know if it will turn out that way. Cole's pediatric neurosurgeon is looking to see if the ventricles in his brain are getting bigger. If so, then he will probably have to have an Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy. A big word for such a little guy!! It's just like putting in a shunt, but they aren't leaving any foreign material in his body. I'm sure if you watch "Little People, Big World," you know kind of what I'm talking about. Almost all children born with Achondroplasia have hydrocephalus, water on the brain. It's to what degree they have it that causes concern. That is why they have larger sized heads. We like to say that Cole has such a big brain that he needs a head that large to hold it :) Nobody likes to think about their child going in for surgery- especially if they are only 5 1/2 months old. Please keep Cole in your thoughts and prayers!

Other than that he is doing fabulous!! He has even learned how to scoot around on his back. The other day I was scrapbooking, so I laid Cole down on his playmat (which he LOVES). I looked up and he was gone!! He has scooted himself on his back over towards the fireplace!! His new nickname is Scooter (that's what my parents used to call my brother). He can even turn himself in circles while laying on the floor! He just amazes me everyday! Well, I will leave you with some new pictures! I'm a new mom, so I have to brag about how darn cute my son is!!

Trying his hardest to roll over!!

Cole just woke up!

Mom and Dad having fun!

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Tonya said...

Katie- Let me know how his MRI goes! It's not really so bad, having them be put asleep. If this is his first time, he may be cranky afterwords depending on what medication they use. It really is best to keep him as still as possible. I am sure they'll be many more :(

Mom and dad look happy and that's all Cole needs!


Jodi said...

I'll keep you in my prayers! Good luck Cole!
Have fun going home!
The new pics are great! He's such a cutie, and the pic of you and the hubby is way cute!

Anonymous said...

Like Tonya said, the MRI is not so bad. Harder on us than them, I think. You always worry yourself sick when they have to sedate your child. We will keep little Cole in our prayers.

The pics are so cute, Cole is adorable. It sounds like he is really getting around well.

Bryan has a new P.T. coming this week, so hopefully he will be boogying and getting his groove thing on soon. :0)

Have a safe trip, sounds like you are going to have loads of fun!

YaYa to Bryan

Holly said...

I love Cole's new nickname! What a lil scooter!! heehee!! I will keep you all in my prayers on the 1st. I have faith everything will be ok. And yay for your trip home!! I can't wait to hang out and go dress shopping w/ my fellow bridesmaid and favorite bride!! YAY!!!

Jennifer said...

We'll be thinking about Cole on the 1st. He's so cute. Love that smile. Have a great time going home. Our younger daughter Anne was just home from FL and we did a little bridesmaid dress shopping while she was home too. Cat will be her only bridesmaid so we went just to get an idea of what's out there. It was so good to have Anne and her baby Drew home and to see Owen and Drew together. Cousin Power!

Lisa said...

Hang in there. MRIs are MUCH MORE stressful for parents then they are for our babies. Regardless, I'm sure Cole will do fine. Keep us posted.