Feb 18, 2008

**California love**

Hey All! I just wanted to give a little update! I'm still in California, but I feel the need to blog tonight! It's funny, but I miss everyone in Internet land :) I've been having such a GREAT time!! Cole has been such a happy boy! I'm so glad that everyone has been able to see the Cole that I see everyday. The plane ride out here was a little rough. I know it's hard to sit in my lap for 3 hours. How comfortable can he really get? We had such a fun time with all of my besties/sisters on Friday night! Saturday was a day spent shopping with my mom and a family party at night! My parents watched Cole on Sunday while I went wedding dress shopping with all of my girls for my bestie Krystle! They said that Cole did such a good job while I was gone! When we went wedding dress shopping we went down by the beach! I sooo miss it! It was such a beautiful day!! Now, I'm at my grandma's house spending the night with her and my Uncle who is also visiting! What a great trip! I really miss home, but I am looking forward to going to my other home in Texas! I can't wait to see Brooks!!!! At least we got to go on our webcams tonight and see each other! I know he really misses Cole. I will be home Wednesday night, so be expecting tons of pics on Thursday!! Oh, and I miss my Neighbys!!! See you girls Thursday!! Miss you lots!

4 sweet comments:

laurins said...

I'm so glad you are both having fun. It's great to be around family, but I know what it is like to miss home too. I hope you have a safe and great rest of your trip and flight home!
I look forward to your pictures :)

Jennjilla said...

Hello from Texas! :) I miss your posts and can't wait to see new pictures of your adventures in Cali. Have a great rest of your trip and we'll see you on the 'net soon!


Michelle said...

You've been gone too long - time to come home!!!

The Bradley Fam said...

You needed that trip and I am so glad you have had fun! I know your family ate Cole up like a bisquit! He is such a doll. Can't wait to catch up--let's shoot for next week since you will be recovering from your trip and we are recovering from a cold. We love you! Jenny and Anna Claire