Feb 14, 2008

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day filled with lots of love! Cole and I have been packing all day so that we can catch our flight bright and early tomorrow! Brooks is on his way home early, so that we can spend some quality family time before we leave. I love all of these firsts for Cole. He will have lots of Valentines, but only this one can be his first! So, this is why we are celebrating as a family! I should have some cute pics to post of the whole family later, but Cole and I had a photo session today :) I'm so blessed to have two loves in my life!!

Mylittle Heart Breaker!

Cole and Mommy!

His first Valentine's kiss from Honey!

6 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

That boy just keep getting cuter and cuter by the minute! Happy First Valentine's Day Cole and have so much fun visiting Grandma and Grandpa. I know they will be so excited to see you!

The Hernandez Family said...

Yuck! Dog Kisses! :-) Noah gets them too! Happy Valentine's Day!These pictures are too cute. Have a safe trip tomorrow, can't wait to see you guys!


laurins said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a great day and hope your trip goes great! I'm sure it's great going back 'home' and I'm sure everyone's very anxious to see that adorable little man of yours!

Tonya said...

I hope you all had a GREAT Valentine's Day!!! Nothing better than being with the one's you love!!

Jennjilla said...

I hope y'all had a super Valentine's Day - It's such a special day!!

I can't wait to read all about your trip back home, I hope you have a total blast!! :) XOXO

Holly said...

i swear, Cole gets cuter everyday!!! His smile is priceless!! Yay I get to see you today!!! can't wait!! xoxo