Feb 12, 2008

Some news...not much!

Well, as you all know we are STILL waiting for the results of Cole's MRI that was on February 1st. I called Cole's neurologist on Thursday and explained the situation. They got the scans sent over for him to look at and he called Cole's neurosurgeon. I got a phone call today from the neurologist's office letting me know that the two doctors discussed Cole's scans today. Still, no one told me if they are good or bad!?! The nurse told me that the neurosurgeon told our neurologist that he wants to have us come in next week and discuss our options. What does that mean? Why is this guy so hard to get ahold of??? Brooks has called twice today and left voicemails. He did confirm that the doctor is in the office today. I'm just so put off by this guy that I don't know how I will be in the same room with him. I want to yell at him and tell him what horrible bedside manner he has! Ask him if he is a parent and if this is how he would want to be treated!!! So, now we wait again for the neurosurgeon's office to call us to set up an appointment. I don't know what else to do!! I'm just having a really crappy day! I'll update when I know some real information. Why can't I get any answers!!??

6 sweet comments:

The Hernandez Family said...

Hang in there Katie. I know it's tough that you are getting the run around, because all you want is to do is take care of your beautiful baby. You guys are all in our prayers! We love you.

Heidi & Noah

Holly said...

I can't believe that!! I want to yell at that guy too!! Stay strong and hang in there!! You are all in our thoughts right now... xoxo.

Jennjilla said...

Soooo frustrating! I'm sorry, y'all - that is just NOT right! Sometimes I wonder why people forget simple manners when dealing with such sensitive issues!!

Tonya said...

Katie- Show up at their office! Do not leave until you either see the Neuro or you have Cole's records!

Find a new Neuro!

How Life is Measured said...

How frustrating!! It's the grey area that's the hardest sometimes. If you know, you can deal but not knowing is..... aaarrrrggg! I'm sure everything is fine with Cole. He has too many people praying for him! :) You of all people will appreciate this. I was having a really bad day the other day and I got a call from one of my old sorority sisters. She's putting together a sorority reunion! I was so excited. I knew you could relate being a fellow greek!
Let us know as soon as you hear something!

Andrea said...

I understand how difficult neurologist and neurosurgeons can be. We fought with them for over eight years with my mom. Persistency is the key.

I'm glad that you finally got and answer though!