Mar 26, 2008

Cole's Going Under the Knife...

We went to see Cole's ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) doctor today. It turns out that Cole has some obstructed and central sleep apnea...bummer! So, Cole is scheduled on April 10th for surgery. They will be removing his tonsils and adenoids. He will be required to stay at least one night in the ICU. They want to make sure that he is eating well afterwards. Hopefully this will solve some problems. Then, in about 3 months Cole will have another sleep study to make sure he is getting enough oxygen at night. I'm going to make Brooks do this next one! Just kidding babe! Even though this is a common procedure, I can't help but be sad! I'm sad that Cole will have to go through another procedure. This time there will be about a week to recover. He's never experienced anything like this. I'm sad that at the age of (almost) 8 months he has seen more doctors than I have my whole life! We have nick named Cole our Million Dollar Baby! He hasn't cost that yet, but....he is only 8 months old! He's well on his way! LOL

On a side note...Cole is in the beginning stages of crawling!!!! It is so exciting around here!! He is loving the time he spends on his tummy and the minute you put him down he automatically flips over. He holds his head up so well and is able to use his arms to pull himself around. Sometimes he even tries to tuck his knees under him, but when he does that he can't hold his head up and he does this back and forth motion with his body! I don't know if any of that makes sense, but it's the cutest thing. I didn't think Cole would do the traditional crawling, but we will see! He is definitely showing interest...I'll keep you posted!

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Kim said...

I e-mailed you a novel about this already,but Tonya will be your resource on this one. I nominate Tonya as our resident mommy doctor! Cole will do fine and probably now really sleep like a baby! I know it's nerve wracking but the sleep study was probably worse-even though those were the cutest pictures ever!

Jennjilla said...

You're doing great momma! Stay strong and things will be good. I know you are super bummed about this...but, hopefully it will just bring better things for Cole in the long term! I'll be praying like crazy for y'all (on top of the normal shout outs)!

I second the nomination of Tonya being the mommy doctor of blogger world! I wish all of my doctors could have her bedside manner, patience and ability to explain things when it came to Sawyer's situation!

Sarah and Matt said...

I'm sorry to hear Cole has to have surgery. I know it's scary and although hearing others stories can help ease the nerves they will be there until it's all over with. I'm sure it will go great and we will be thinking about him and keeping him in our prayers! I know what you mean about all the apts. I feel your pain :) We had 3 apts already this week and 2 more tomorrow. AHH. I know we worry so much as mommys and daddys, but isn't it amazing how well they cope with all of this? It amazes me how much she can smile after being in these torture devises (at least they look that way). I think it affects us more then it does them, but I'm happy for that!
I'm so excited that Cole is starting to crawl. I hope we get to see more videos once he gets going :) It's so much fun.

Holly said...

Katie - I know you are worried and scared for your sweet boy, but he will do just fine. He is in good hands, and there will be many prayers & thoughts with him on the 10th! But...I am super excited to hear he is starting to crawl!! You have to get it on video and post it soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Katie - so sorry to hear that Cole will have to have his T&A removed. We will keep you all in our prayers...praying for an uneventful surgery and a quick and easy recovery!

Crawling! How exciting! Can't wait to see the videos of that. Bryan does not crawl, but rolls everywhere.

Two quick notes - Million Dollar Baby - we have said that quite a few times around here. And yes, Tonya is quite the advocate for these kids. They say, do what you love then figure out a way to make money at it. I keep telling Tonya she needs to figure out how to make a living at being an advocate for these kids b/c she is so good at it, and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into it.

Keep us posted on Cole's surgery.

YaYa to Bryan

The Hernandez Family said...

Katie & Cole,
We are so sorry to hear that Cole has to have surgery, but are excited that he will be able to sleep better afterward. That will be so good for both Cole and his Mommy!! You are always in our prayers, but we'll be sure to say a few extra for both of you on the 10th.

I'm so excited to hear that Cole is trying to crawl! I can't wait to see video's of it! After Cole masters crawling maybe you can send him over to help Noah learn how to role over! He has the holding his head up and spinning in circles thing down (you know when you put him in the crib facing one direction and when you check on him he's facing a completely different direction), but isn't really attempting the roll over yet.

We love you guys!

Heidi & Noah

Jenn said...

My thoughts and prayers are with both Cole, Carter and all the parents. God will lok over both of these beautiful babies....please keep us posted. And PLEASE post a video of him trying to crawl! I cannot wait to see that! I love you My Love. Talk to you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Our happy thoughts and prayers are with you guys always!! We know Cole will get through the surgery and get better sleep at night!! Which is good for all involved :) How cute that he is trying to sure to post a video if you get a chance! I think we all love the videos =)

Wes & I will make sure to say a few extra prayers for Cole, and his friend Carter. I know God is watching over those precious babies..keep your head up Mama!


Tonya said...

Katie!! Aww, poor Cole! His T&A will go just fine!! Just make sure to give him the pain meds and give him lots of fluids! Knoah actually jumped back pretty quick after his. I was surprized!.

You will be fine. It is sad that our babies have had more doctor's appointment's than us. This IS a job! If you have any ?'s, email me!!


Tonya said...

Me the RMD? Are you sure? I suppose, if ya'll want...LOL

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome that Cole is almost crawling!! Zoey did do the "normal" was kind of an army crawl which was so totally adorable!

I hope his T&A surgery is totally routine. I will keep him in my prayers. Zoey is snoring loudly even with the oxygen at night so I think she may be on her way to the same surgery. We will see the pulmonary doc at the end of the month.

By the way, arent acon butts the absolute cutest ever?!?!