Mar 16, 2008

Our Trip to the Easter Bunny!

Meeting the Easter Bunny was a success!! I had visions of screaming and crying as we approached the mall. When we took Cole to see Santa Clause it was a pleasent experience as well, but we didn't really let him see Santa. We just put him in his arms and walked away. This time Cole saw exactly who was going to be holding him. I think Cole forgot about the bunny when he saw a big group of people calling his name and trying to get him to smile. He just LOVES people paying attention to him (nothing like his mama). He flashed his big gummy smile and we were done!

Afterwards, we went to lunch and I got a few more cute shots of my two guys together! Cole was such a ham on Saturday. He was totally showing off how cute he is!!

I had to throw in the picture of me and Cole! I finally got him to smile in a photo of me and him! Notice his cute new outfit :)

9 sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

Aww how cute!! I love all the pictures. Cole is such a happy baby :) (Just a side note, your hair looks really good!!!)

Lots of love from Cali!
Have a very Happy Easter!

Kim said...

Cole looks adorable. We did the Easter Bunny and Santa the first year no problem-this past Christmas was a nightmare-I had to be in the picture too! We are seeing the Easter Bunny this weekend on an old fashioned steam train so I hope he likes him.
My fave pic of Cole is the second one you posted-that face is so cute!
Hugs, Kim

Dexter Early on Families said...

Cole is sooo cute! Your Easter Bunny looks good! I still have to take the kids, so I'm not sure if he looks as good as yours:) I just love looking at your pictures! He's such a happy little guy!

Anonymous said...

What a cuttie he is...I love the pictures. Have a great easter!!!


Supermom-In-Training said...

I hope we have similar success with JD this week! Great pictures of Cole the Cutie Pie!!


Charmaine said...

Great pictures, he is such a happy little boy......... and we just love the outfit:-)


Holly said...

What a fun day!! I love his new outfit!!!

Jennjilla said...

Aww, what cute boys you have!! I dig Cole's new outfit, too. I have to go find something for Sawyer quickly since Easter is in a few days!!!

Tonya said...

He is a cutie!! Late comment...I know! Love to you!