Mar 10, 2008

Sleep Study Results!

I heard back from our geneticist today about Cole's sleep study. The reports said he has Mild Obstructed Sleep Apnea. We are waiting to hear back from the ENT to see what this means!?!? I don't know if this is good or bad? I'm thinking it is better than Central Sleep Apnea....I will post when I know more. Does anyone out there know if this is good or bad (Tonya)?!? I mean, I know it's not good, but I'm hoping it's OK. Tonya is all knowing when it comes to all things Achon related :)

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laurins said...

Hey Katie, I'm certainly not an expert and your doctor will tell you exactly how mild it is...but that being said, Kaela also had mild obstructive sleep apnea. Nothing they worried about but will follow her probably once or twice a year (sleep study) to be sure it doesn't get worse. Sleep apnea (obsttructive) is actually not just in our lp babies/adults, many people have it...infact my father in law and a good friend of mine, both ah have it...hopefully that helps a little.

Tonya said...

Katie, your funny. Link to my blog and I hear you call ;)

Most achons have mild obstructive apnea. The tonsils and adenoids take up more space in their airway than in average height children. If they said to not worry about it, I would listen, but watxh him. An indication that it is getting worse or his ariway is being blocked more than normal is snoring, loud sleeping or it seems like he is struggling with breathing. Also in time, if you notice any color change in him, that indicates he's not getting enough oxygen. When you hear from the ENT ask him how much of his throat is being blocked. That way your peds can watch it. Ask what grade he is at. Grade 1 or 2 should be watched. Grade 3 or 4
(75-100%) blockage they should reccomend surgrey.

Cole will have many more sleep studies! You too will learn!!;)

((HUGS))to that beautiful baby and momma!!

Lisa said...

Katie, you've got good advice. Obstructive sleep apnea is obviously MUCH better than Central Sleep Apnea. As Tonya said, many kids with achondroplasia have obstructive sleep apnea. Liz does as well and it was identified in her first sleep study. We've had 3 sleep studies and each time her apnea has improved...though she snores and I think she probably always will!

Kim said...

I think all the advice you have had so far is great. Preston never had a sleep study so I cannot compare. I would think mild means mild. Like Tonya said just watch him. I'm glad that the results were what they were.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,
It's Amber, Zoey's mom...Zoey has the same kind of apnea that Cole has. I have to hook her up to oxygen every night, but she is used to it now and honestly she seems to be in such a good mood these days because she is sleeping better. I guess this is a pretty common problem with our achon children