Mar 28, 2008

Small Boy Has Mighty Heart

Carsen Main was featured on TV this morning and I thought it was such an uplifting story that I wanted to share with everyone. He is a 7 year old with dwarfism, I believe Achondroplasia by looking at him. It just goes to show that our little boys and girls can do anything they want, no matter their size. It's up to us to show them they are just like everyone else! I hope you enjoy...

2 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

What a great article! I love reading such uplifting stories and I just know that our boys potential is unlimited. Thanks for sharing this Katie!

candi said...

Great article Katie...thanks for sharing. What an inspiration. Can you believe...2 ft. tall? He is just an adorable little can see his his spirit is just radiating in his photos.

Thanks again,

YaYa to Bryan