Mar 8, 2008

The Snowsuit and Famous Friends!

I have received some comments about Cole's snowsuit I thought I would give the people what they wanted....a full body shot of Cole in it! This was taken when we bought it in December. It doesn't really snow here so I mainly bought it for walks when it's Cole out. It does get quite cold here and I didn't want my baby freezing! Do notice the little ears on top of his head :) It's so funny when he wears it because he looks like a big marshmallow!

Cole's friend Owen is famous! We have friends in high places! He will be featured in the newspaper in their town in Michigan. There is a SUPER cute video of Owen, Cat and Dan on their blog! Check them out!

5 sweet comments:

Kim said...

You hit the nail on the head-that is what we wanted-full body shots in the snow suit! Love it! He looks like a little angel.

laurins said...

Great snow suit, we have the very same one :) We got it for a gift for Will and it has worked great for Kaela too! It's so cute. I'm sure we get more use out of ours living in Michigan...but glad you are able to too, Cole is adorable!

Lisa said...

Love the snowsuit!

Jennifer said...

Cole is too cute! Love the snowsuit and still can't believe you even need one in Texas! I think I need to get out of Michigan more.

Charmaine said...

I would say that that is a PERFECT TEN!!!!

Love and Hugs