Mar 12, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I LOVE being Cole's Mom...

In a blog that I follow titled Valiant Updates, Renay, a mother of 3 asked us to list the top 10 reasons why I love being a mom. My reasons are why I love being Cole's mom! Some of the negatives in Cole's life are such a blessing to us. Along our journey we have come across a few parents that would give anything to experience the joys and sorrows as we do because it means one thing...we have our precious baby boy. We get to hold him every single day! We may have a lot more challenges than other parents, but I am just so grateful to have Cole! He brightens our life in so many ways. 10. ALL of Cole's Dr.'s appointments. We look at it as getting to spend extra time together as a family. lol

9. Cole letting us sleep through the night now!!!! --Hallelujah--

8. Looking into that precious child's eyes and seeing him light up.

7. Having a little buddy all day to hang out with (I'm never bored) :) Cole definitely keeps me on my toes!

6. Meeting some wonderful new families going through the same things. I would have never met these new friends if I didn't have Cole and if Cole wasn't who Cole is.

5. Hearing the "sound" ma ma come out of his mouth! I know these are still just sounds, but I can't wait for it to be directed at me!!

4. Seeing Cole cry and the second I pick him up to comfort him he calms down and is happy again.

3. Lying in bed with Cole and he rolls over to be closer to me.

2. Hugging and kissing and loving him all hours of the day.

The #1 Reason I LOVE being Cole's Mom is....

My happy family of 3. I LOVE to see Brooks and Cole together. They both light up around one another. Brooks can't get to Cole fast enough at the end of his long work day and to see Cole wiggle and squeal with excitement brings a tear to my eye!

5 sweet comments:

Kim said...

Cole is a cutie. And he has such a great mom! Wait until he says mama for good. Preston now calls me "ma" but sometimes I get mommy and that is the coolest thing ever.
Hugs, Kim

Holly said...

You know, the reason why Cole is such a happy go-lucky baby is because of his amazing parents! You always maintain a positive upbeat attitude, and that is reflective in Cole's adorable personality!!


Amanda said...

He's letting you sleep through the night now?? Lucky!!!
Ive been fortunate to sleep all night for the past 3 nights but for about a month before that, it has been awful with these nightly bouts of teething. I feel every night that this is the night its going to start up again, but hopefully *fingers crossed* she will continue on the sleeping pattern of the past 3 days.

Tonya said...

Cole has a cool momma!

Speaking as a veteran..."MOM, mom, Mommy, Awwww Moooommmmm..." does wear out. :) You'll want to even change your name, but until then, ENJOY!!!

Alex DePaul said...

Hey! I totally agree with your top 10 list. My boy Josh gives me the same blessings every day. I actually would love to be with him right now (I'm @ work).