Apr 30, 2008

9 Days and Counting

What is in 9 days you may ask? A baby free, responsibility free good time!! Our good friends Dave and Val are FINALLY tieing the knot!! They asked us both to be in the wedding which is on May 10. They living in Michigan and asked us to buy one way tickets to up there...hmmm. After the morning wedding they are whisking us and some other good friends of theirs away for a weekend of FUN!!! It's all very top secret and we have tried our best to get it out of them. All we know is this...bring a bathing suit (grrrr), nice clothes to go out to a club type environment and ourselves! I wonder where we are going, but wherever it is we are sure to have a BLAST! Brooks' parents are so nice to be driving out to Texas to watch Cole for us while we are gone. I'm sure that Cole will definitely keep them on their toes :) I'll be sure to post pictures of the event when I return. I am counting down until next Friday when we leave!!!
This picture was taken the last time we saw them which was FOREVER ago! They came to visit us in Texas back in 2006.

6 sweet comments:

Valerie said...

Try as you may to figure it out..you can't! Or maybe you can...Whatever the situation is, it is going to be so much fun! We can not wait to see you two!!! Thank you so much for being a part of our big day!

Tonya said...

KATIE!! Where are you going to be??? Maybe Cat and I can meet up with you at some point!!! Email me!!

Weddings are FUN!!

Jennifer said...

Too bad you'll be so close and we won't be able to meet! Makes me sad! I know how busy your time will be with the wedding though and I know you'll have a great time. We'll meet some day. Give Cole hugs from his honorary Michigan grandma.

The Hernandez Family said...

Sounds like heaven.....I hope you and Brooks have a GREAT time. Enjoy your baby free time (even though I know you'll be thinking about him nonstop anyway) but try to enjoy it!!!!


Kim said...

I am counting down to my trip sans child as well. I cannot wait to see pics of your visit! As much as you will miss Cole, you are going to have a blast!

Sarah and Matt said...

I hope the weather up here is nice for you and hope you have tons of fun :) Oh no baby- I can't remember that day!! I hope you get some extra sleep and have some great fun. Hopefully we get to meet up with you one of these days :)