Apr 15, 2008

No Sleep + Crying Baby = Cranky Mama

Wow!! They sure weren't kidding when they said a 7-10 day recovery for Cole's surgery! We are on our 3rd straight night of absolutely NO sleep! He wakes up every 3 hours screaming and crying. It's so frustrating because I know that he's in pain, but I just can't help him. I finally called the doctor today and the nurse told me that this is the stage when it's the most painful for him. The scabs are falling off and his ears and throat hurt. Boy does it hurt him! He is very congested and therefore sleeps with his mouth open, which gives him an even more sore throat. Never ending cycle! Wish us luck that we will get a full (or even partial) night sleep! I'm good with just more than 2 hours in a row!

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Sarah and Matt said...

Katie-I'm sorry you aren't getting much sleep and that Cole is not feeling well. Poor little guy. I hope it all heals soon and that he's not in any pain! I feel so bad for you all. Keep us updated. We will be thinking of you. Does he get any medicine for it or isn't there anything they can do?

Scott said...

Hang in there Katie! Know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and each night you're one day closer.
Are you and your hubby able to switch off and allow eachother some sleep here and there?

Tonya said...

Cole!! Katie, did they give him pain medication? Did you ask for something stronger? Keep giving him cool things to get down his throat! He'll start feeling better soon! Poor baby!! POOR MOM AND DAD!!!

Jennifer said...

Drugs. I vote for drugs. Of course I'm sure you've already tried that!Poor little guy. My Anne had her tonsils out when she was 19 yrs old. That was awful and she could at least talk and say where she hurt! Hang in there Katie. If I could I'd fly out and spend the night so you guys could get some sleep. Besides, it would give me an excuse to get my hands on that darling boy.

Katie said...

Thank you Grandma Merciez!! Ya, we have Lortab which seems to help, but we have been trying not to use it too much. After talking to the nurse, we gave it to him tonight before bed! Let's all pray he sleeps better tonight...today was a much better day eating wise for him :)

Kim said...

Oh Katie,
I sympathize with anyone who has a lack of sleep. Preston was the worst sleeper and hestill sleeps late on the weekdays and up with the birdies on the weekends.
Can't they suggest anything for him? I feel awful for him, poor little guy! I just want to hug him and you! Hang in there

The Hernandez Family said...

Oh, we are so sorry to hear that Cole is in pain! Poor little guy, I know you must feel so helpless, I always feel that way when Noah doesn't feel well. Hopefully the medicine will work for you tonight and you'll get some sleep! Good luck, we can't wait for Cole to feel better!!!

Heidi & Noah

How Life Is Measured said...

Uuuggg...I can sympathize with you. I can handle a lot of stuff, but sleep deprivation is not one of them. One note - as my mom mentioned, my sis Anne had her tonsils out at 19. I can guarantee Cole is handling it better than she did! Haha! As for drugs - I suggest Ambien...Oh, wait...you were talking about Cole weren't you?
Take Care

Catie said...

Aww, poor Cole! I hope that he is feeling better! Poor little man has had a rough week!