Apr 22, 2008

Our 1st LP meeting!

I hadn't mentioned much of it, but on Saturday we went to our first LPA picnic with the Dalworth chapter. I really didn't know what to expect. The president had contacted me a few weeks ago and we were corresponding back and forth. Then, on Thursday she came over with her 8 year old achon son to meet Cole and me. While talking, Michelle (the president) and I had sooo much in common... it was the weirdest thing. We were from the same area in California, she lived about 15 min. from where my husband grew up in Oregon, we both had boxers...the list went on and on. Cole and Josh also had this connection that was surreal to watch. Josh laid down next to Cole and Cole was just in awe of him. Cole "crawled" on over to him and was just smiling at him and touching his face...it was like he knew they were connected. On Saturday, the chapter had a picnic at Scottish Rite, which is one of the children's hospitals that we attend. They have a really neat park. Again, Cole was so happy to see Josh. Let me just tell you that Michelle made me feel so at ease and comfortable with the whole situation. I didn't really know how I would react. I thought that I would get teary eyed seeing all the children (I'm very emotional...I cry at commercials...no seriously I do!) It was actually really comforting being around people that know exactly what I'm feeling! I met so many wonderful families with children just like Cole. There were only a few adult LP's, but it was nice talking to them and getting advice from them. So, we will be going back to future functions! It is so important for Cole to grow up with friends that "look" like him and can relate on his level. I know that right now he doesn't know the difference, but my hope is to make the connections early on so that when he is older he has AH and LP friends. Saturday was a success! I was very nervous about going, but I'm glad I did! Every day gets easier and easier for me.

5 sweet comments:

The Hernandez Family said...

Katie, I'm so glad that you are able to find support and new friends to connect with. Cole is such a lucky little boy to have you as a mama!

Kim said...

Good for you! I have never been to an event, but I have a few LP families in my area with kids the same age. I'm proud of you because I know you were probably nervous. Cole is a lucky little man!

Jodi said...

I'm so glad you were able to find a great support system, and friends for Cole. That is awesome!

Jennjilla said...

I'm so glad to hear everything went well and you guys had a good time! :) Making new friends is always a little scary. Hopefully Cole can make some lifelong buddies and y'all will have even more people fall in love with your adorable guy!

Jill and JD said...

Ok, a couple of things, You have a boxer? We do too! How old is he/she? Cayman is 8!! Such a good dog.

Going to our first LPA, we were not sure what to think either, we were really really nervous, and now we wouldn't miss it!!! We have alot of fun with our chapter!