Apr 23, 2008

Say A Prayer for Wes and Amy!

I found out this morning that some new friends that I have met online are having their precious baby girl Haylee today!! Wes and Amy live about 45 minutes from us and we have yet to meet in person, but their little girl is suspected to have Achondroplasia. They sent me an email this morning to say that at 3:30 pm (an hour ago) they were going to be welcoming to the world Haylee! Please pray that everything goes smoothly for them! I can't wait to meet all 3 of them!!

2 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

Katie, Did Wes and Amy have their baby? How is everything?

Katie said...

I haven't heard from them yet. I'm hoping to get an email in the next few days! I'll let you all know! :)