May 29, 2008

Beware! Picture Overload!!

I just wanted to share some, I mean a lot, of pictures from our 3 day weekend! We have lived in our neighborhood for almost 2 years now and NEVER even picked up our amenities key! We pay HOA dues and have access to so many neat things, but haven't used them. So, this weekend we decided to make use of one of the pools in our neighborhood..we chose the smaller pool hoping for a small crowd of people. Cole had a great time splashing around in the water and this was Brooks' first time taking Cole swimming!

Just a cute picture of Cole exploring the house on his own! I caught him in the dining room.
I know, I know...Cole shouldn't really be in an exersaucer. We borrowed one from our neighbor, Sara, just to try out and see if Cole enjoyed it. Well, he did....for a little bit and then got really fussy. I don't think he is ready for one and it may have been hurting his back...just a guess. We aren't going to buy one, but it was nice having Cole contained to one spot for at least 10 minutes!
Just a cute picture of me and my boy!
Cole just LOVES to make-out with mama and dad! He devours our entire face. I'm wanting to take a cute pic of mom and her boy and he's wanting to make-out with me! lol

Ok, I know it's hard to see in this picture but....Cole is finally getting his 1st tooth!! Yaaaa! We can see a little sliver of a pearly white poking through and the outline of two teeth on the bottom! Brooks and I were so excited when we discovered this in Target!!

Our first crawling injury was discovered this weekend. I went to put on some cute shoes on Cole when I saw that the poor baby had a blister that had popped on his toe! The way he crawls he uses his little feet to push off. I tried putting a bandaid on it, but that lasted oh maybe 5 minutes! It doesn't seem to bother him so let the crawling carry on...

Cole tried his first orange popsicle! He did seem to enjoy it. I love the sequence of photos....He gets so mad when I take it away and take a lick of my own. It was so hot outside that it was melting like crazy...ya that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!

We hope you had a great weekend with family and friends! We sure did! Lots of bbq'ing and hanging with our neighbors!

6 sweet comments:

Kim said...

Argh! Just left a comment and it erased. Cole is so cute Katie. He looked so happy in his exersaucer. I am cracking up about the make out sessions-Preston still licks my face. I guess we should enjoy it now right? Glad you and Brooks are enjoying your amenities. I am looking forward to swimming this summer but bathing suit shopping...not so much. Thanks for sharing Cole I am so amazed with how big he is getting!

Anonymous said...

Cole is such a cutie! We are going to take Parker to the pool this summer -- I think he is going to love it.
Congratulations on the tooth!

Jennjilla said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun this past weekend! Coley Poley is just cuter and cuter every day! :)

Sorry he has a boo boo, but hooray for a tooth!

The Valiant Family Updates said...

I love the photo updates! Wow, amenities including multile pool choices-I'm so jealous...we have a pot hole (or chuck hole as some call them) that fills with water that we can splash in sometimes-he, he...just kidding. It's not even warm enough here most of the time to make pools worth the effort-we have some great playgrounds though;-) Glad all is well;-)

Leann said...

Yay for the tooth! Isn't it crazy that you spend all the time w/ him at home and you notice things like that at random places!? hehe!
I love his expression in the pic him in his baby carrier! Too cute the baby Cole!

Destini said...

What cute pictures! You think he gives slobbery kisses now, just wait - Trace is into pretending he's a puppy dog - complete with crawling around the house barking and licking - yucky, but hilarious. BTW, great dancing music - Trace is totally cutting a rug while I'm checking out your blog!