May 17, 2008

If you love...

If you love the onesie that Cole is wearing with the tie on it then you are in luck! My friend and sorority sister, Heidi, just set up shop! For only $7.50 one can be yours!! Handmade items by Heidi

2 sweet comments:

Jennjilla said...

Katie, those are just adorable. About time mommy's of boys had something cute to buy!!

Can you email me your friends email address? Sawyer is going to be a ringbearer for my best friends wedding, and I was going to see if she could help me come up with a custom shirt that he could wear to rehersal and rehersal dinner (wouldn't that be so cute?!)


The Hernandez Family said...

Aw Katie, thanks for the advertisement! I appreciate it. My email address is