Jun 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!

Brooks, you are a loving husband, devoted father and loyal friend. I feel so blessed to have you as my one and only. I know that I may not show it daily, but I appreciate everything you do for our family. You are such a hard worker so that you are able go give us the life that we live and I never hear a complaint come out of your mouth. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the black to my white and the heart to my soul. To see the look on Cole's face when you walk through the door melts my heart. Thank you for being the amazing man that you are! I wouldn't trade a moment of our life for anything in the world. Happy 1st Father's Day, baby!

We love you more than anything!!

Katie & Cole


5 sweet comments:

Scott said...

Very happy Father's Day Brooks!!!!!

Destini said...

Cole is definitely lucky to have such great parents!

Jennjilla said...

Happy Father's Day! Katie, you have some good guys in your life! I love that last picture of Brooks and Cole! So adorable! :)

Kim said...

The last picture is adorable. Brooks is a great daddy!

Melissa said...

Ok...tear! That totally made my eyes water!