Jun 25, 2008

Sweet Home California!

Ahh we made it in one piece! As we flew in to beautiful Southern California it wasn't the palm trees or even the majestic mountains that caught my attention...it was the hazy, ugly smog!! Yuck-o!! That I surely don't miss one bit! Cole and I flew in this morning and it was a pretty good flight. I was armed with every trick in the book. The flight had ONE seat open and it just so happened to be next to me so they let me bring on Cole's carseat for free! Yaaa! He slept for the first half of the flight...and so did mama! The second hour and a half was a little more challenging, but we survived. I even had to resort to a chocolate tootsie pop the last 25 minutes, but he was more into the stick than the candy...so NOT my child! So far today we went swimming with my parents dog and went to Target to get some baby supplies. My parents won't be home from vacation until tomorrow so it's just me and Cole tonight. I have a couple friends coming over in a little bit so that should be fun! Hopefully I'll have lots of cute pictures from our trip!! See ya'll next week when we get home!
Katie and Cole

P.S. I'm kind of addicted to all of your blogs so please keep the posts coming! I'll be sure to check them while away and I CAN'T wait to see pictures and hear stories at the National Convention! hint hint!!
P.S.S. Baby if you are reading this...WE MISS YOU already!! LOVE you tons!

8 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

So glad you survived the flight. There's nothing like going home to mom and dad/grandma and grandpa for a visit! Anne is coming home in July and I can't wait. It will be her and Drew and I so wish it was Steve and Alyssa and Carly too! Convention was great! We went to a couple of events with Cat and I know she is planning to post soon.

Sarah and Matt said...

Hey Katie. We hope you have fun back in Cali. Glad the flight went well :) Enjoy your time with your friends and family. Can't wait to hear about it. I will try to get a post up about the conference too.

Tonya said...

Have fun in Ca! Glad to hear Cole did well during the flight!! It will be so much fun when he is older!! Can't wait to read about your trip!

Jaime said...

Katie, hope that you and Cole have a wonderful time in CA. Too bad we're farther up north or else we could have planned a playdate. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Catie said...

Glad to hear Cole did good on the flight! I hope you guys have a great trip. Are we going to see you next year at National?

Caden's Story said...

Glad to hear you made it to California safely ... and the flight went smooth! Love the college pictures below ... my college days were some of the funnest times! Looks like Cole had a good time with his LP friends! How fun for him to have an LP friend who is older .... just like a big brother!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you guys made it safe to Cali! I can't wait to be there next month! I'll need all the ideas for the flight...lollipops are a good one! Let me know when you get back, I have an idea for us to workout together :)

Lisa said...

Have a wonderful trip and we'll look forward to your posts. We're finally back from lots of travel and one day...maybe I'll catch up on posts. Can't wait to see photos.