Jun 12, 2008

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

That's what Cole and I have been up to lately! We've been hanging out at home ALL day long and mama is going stir crazy!! Why have we stayed home you may ask? It's hot & muggy outside and I just haven't been feeling well lately.

I've been trying to break Cole of the nice and warm bottle and that has been a fight. I know that we will be introducing cow's milk in the next few months and that will NOT be heated for him. So, there is no better time like the present! Try telling my 10 month old that! I'm also trying desperately to get Cole to eat solids. He's just not that into the whole process. It's SOO frustrating!!! You don't know how much food I waste because he won't eat it. Today I finally got him to eat some peas and sweet potatoes! I just wouldn't let him have his bottle and I figured once he got hungry enough he would eat what I offered him and it worked! After his middle of the day nap, he woke up and ate and then I gave him his bottle...we both won!
This picture was taken the other day...proof that he won't eat!!

Cole has been getting so strong (probably because of all that army crawling he does), he's been pulling himself into a standing position. If it's a low enough object, he will grab on and pull himself up. He even made it to the 3rd stair in our house. There was a time where Cole would just collapse if you tried to put weight on his legs. Here is a question for all of you achon parents out there....When will Cole start sitting up by himself? I just didn't think he would start pulling himself up and crawling before he would sit up unsupported! I'm not concerned about it, but I would really love it if he would do this because...it would mean I could take him grocery shopping without the infant carrier or take him to restaurants and have him sit in a high chair....maybe one day soon.

The other day I finally found a hat to fit my boy's large brain...I mean head! Man, it is size 2-3!!! Those baby hats are just too small for him. He does look cute in it!

Ok, well my goal tomorrow: Leave the house!! Hope you all of a great father's day because I know we will be having a blast celebrating our very first one!!
His shirt reads: "These puppies are illegal in 47 States." I thought it was too cute!

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Jennifer said...

Coles' pictures are so cute! How great that he's pulling himself up! I love the last one. What a face. It seems that each baby has his/her own time table whether achon or AH. I like the new blog format too!

Destini said...

Great facelift for the blog! Cole is adorable - and those little achon arms definitely make our boys look extra muscular! The girls at daycare got Trace a shirt that says "Somebody call a vet cause these puppies are sick!" These little attitude tees are just too cute.
With all the brains our boys carry around, it does make it hard for them to sit up, but the more he pulls himself up and crawls around, the stronger the muscles are - so give him another couple months.

The Hernandez Family said...

Oh my gosh, Cole is sooo strong. I love the picture of him standing up with the table! And that last picture, what a face! I LOVE it!! Love the new look of the blog too!!

Caden's Story said...

Cute pictures! Everything will come in time ... I know it's hard to be patient. I hear ya on the sitting - and totally relate to the being able to sit in a restaurant high chair, shopping cart, or even in the bath tub. I've heard some parents say there achon kids walked before they sat up unassisted. Caden is just about 15 months and still doesn't sit unassisted. Cole is standing and crawling up steps both very cool and something to be proud of - Caden's not doing either yet. Enjoy your weekend!

Tammy said...

Hey Katie - Sitting up was really a challenge for Ava and Chloe, too. I know they didn't have the same challenges as Cole, but they also army crawled before they could ever sit up without support. They were always falling backward. A couple things we did to help them were to sit them on the floor to play and put the boppy pillow around their back as sort of a cushion and support, we also put them tummy side down on a big exercise ball and rolled it a little so they were kind of doing back extensions to build strenght. He'll get it in no time!

Holly said...

That hat is too CUTE!!! Cole gets cute by the second!! I can't wait to see you both soon :)

Emily said...

I LOVE the expression on his face in the third pic! So adorable! Seamus sat on his own by 8 months, but did not pull to a stand until well after one year, so it is really hard to say when things will happen...each of our little ones is quite unique!

The Valiant Family Updates said...

cute new design! Cute kid:-)

Why are you not feeling so well...any announcements???

I'm so nosey;-)

Hugs, Renay

Kim said...

Hope you are feeling better. Preston also sat at 8 months, but did not pull up like Cole at Cole's age. He was about 12 months when he started cruising. He may learn to sit by pulling to a stand first.
I LOVE the new pictures. As always Cole's expressions crack me up. As for hats Preston is in 4-5 or at Janie and Jack he is 6-8 in the bucket hats!

Andrea said...

Cutest picture. Ever.

I've had many days where I feel tied to the house because of a childs tempermant. And the humidity--uggh!

The Bradley Fam said...

Oh my gosh!!! He is so stinkin' funny!!! I almost wet myself over the last pic with his hysterical face. That kid is a riot! And I LOVE the hat! You are doing the right thing--babies are like puppies and eventually they will get hungry enough to eat what you give them! Don't give up! If you want to try to make some of his food, I can help you. I make all of Anna Claire's (except meats) and she gets to try all sorts of things that aren't in the jar. It is super easy and CHEAPOLA. Maybe he just needs some new flavors??? Love ya!! JB

How Life Is Measured said...

I feel you! I've been going stir crazy too. Owen get's so hot in the sun so I try not to have him out too long. But then we are stuck in the house all day! Aaarggg! I'm going to post about my bad parenting soon!