Jul 9, 2008

The List Keeps Growing..

*new blog alert*
Please help me welcome little Anais to our LP blogging community! I talked back and forth for a while with her mommy Alex while she was pregnant. Anais is now 1 month old and as cute as EVER! Maybe we will even get to meet them in New York next year at the convention...hint hint! ;) Anais also has been diagnosed with Achondroplasia...just like Cole! Alex found out around 30 weeks that Anais was suspected of being an achondroplastic dwarf. I just love this online support group we have formed and I hope you find as much comfort here as I do!

2 sweet comments:

Alex said...

thank you for the welcome! And yes, we will for sure be going to the convention in New-York next year!

Alex said...

I also added your blog to my blog roll. :)