Jul 25, 2008

Our Super Duper Playdate!

Yesterday, Cole and I were invited over to our new buds Cara and Landon's house to finally meet. How did I meet Cara without actually meeting her you ask? Well, one day while blog surfing,I'm sure it exists bc I do it daily, I stumbled upon her blog through a friend I have met out here in Texas. I was hooked from the second I read it! Her stories were all so cleverly written and her son, Landon or LJ as they call him, was to die for! He was the cutest thing EVER! For a few months probably, I would check up to see how they were doing. One day she wrote the funniest blog about MTV's hit show The Hills, which btw I'm obsessed with, and I just had to comment. It went something like this..."Ok, so you don't really know who I am, but I found you through Jenny and I just love reading your blog...yada yada yada." So, she writes me back and says the SAME THING! How random! We start talking back and forth and I just knew we would be great friends. She's also the one who helped me make my blog so super cute! We decided to meet up yesterday at her house, which is just up the rode from me, and we were instantly friends! Seriously, like 4 hours flew by and we just chatted the entire time!! I knew it was time to go when Cole started putting his head on the floor like..umm mom isn't it my nap time? Cole and Landon were also buds too! They played together so nicely at times and then so umm like 1 year olds play at other times! lol You'll see in a sequence of pictures I took. Landon is almost a month exactly older than Cole and he has the most beautiful blue eyes and actually let me love on him a little bit...since I felt like I had known him always. Thanks Cara for an awesome lunch and great adult time! We need to do it again soon!

The boys playing so nicely!

Cole showing off his skills even though Landon could run circles around him...hehe!
Cole: "Hey Landon what do you have there?"

Cole: "Oh, a pack of cards. This looks neat. Mind if I take a look?"
Landon: "Umm, seriously kid. Did you just take those from me?"

Landon: "Hey mom, can you help me out here?"

Cole: "but I want to see theeeemmm!!!"Landon: "Heck no! These are mine. Didn't you mom teach you anything?"

Cole: "Give them to meeeee!"
Cole: "Don't you see I'm crying!?! I just want want to see them!"

Landon: "Gosh, if you're going to be such a baby about it...."

Cole: "Awww VICTORY!"

Landon (who has moved on): "Kids these days..."

Actually, they played really well together. As much as you can expect 1 year old to interact with each other. Cole isn't used to playing with kids...it's either his way or the highway. It's so funny that they would both want the same toy when there were like a million other ones to play with! At one point they were super sweet to each other and shared...ahhh there is hope!

8 sweet comments:

Kim said...

Omg! I am laughing at your commentary. So funny. Preston whines over toys also. Very embarassing. I am also sure Cole has PLENTY of toys too. Love Cole's J&J shirt too! Super cute. Cole's hair is getting so long-he really looks like a little boy now!

Team Carroll said...

What a sweet post!! I absolutely LOVE the commentary!! Completely dying laughing right now! I'm sorry my little dude was kinda being a bully. We're working on it :) Give Cole big hugs from his new buddy! Can't wait to see you guys again! I'm way behind in blogging...I need to get these pics up asap!! Have fun tonight!!

Holly & Jon said...

Oh the boys are so cute!!! Those pictures are too funny!!

Cole - it's ok, I don't like to share toys either!! heehee :)

P.S. Happy (1 day late) 4 year Anniversary!! I can't believe it's already been 4 years...time flies!

Sarah and Matt said...

Oh my, that was so funny. Your pictures and comments were hilarious. Will's favorite thing to say now is "My truck, my car, my...." regardless if it is really his or not. We are like, um, no Will that's NOT YOURS. Seriously, kids these days ;) I'm so glad you made some new friends close by too. Very exciting!

Destini said...

Hilarious commentary...Trace has now taken "Mine" to a new level. This week on vacation he is now refusing to share toys and people. We were floating around the lazy river with my cousin and Trace was like "Where's MY Bella?"

Danielle said...

How great for you! It really is great when you meet a new friend that has kids the same age as yours! Sounds like Cole had a great time with his buddy as well. And we all need that mommy time!

Michelle said...

Katie, I love the dialogue!!!!!! I'm glad you & cole made a new friend :)

Aunt Jen said...

Isn'r it fun to get to see them interact with kids their own age. Sometimes you just want to die of happiness and others you just want to die of terror...It sounds like you both have made a couple of great new friends.