Jul 31, 2008

Rockin' & Rollin'

Man, now I have to deal with tornado's AND earthquakes?! Cole and I arrived just in time to experience the 5.4 shaker on Tuesday afternoon. We were sitting at the kitchen table eating some lunch when the house started to move. It lasted for a really long time. Cole was sitting in his highchair and I don't really think he noticed it, but I sure did!! This was the largest earthquake since 1994, I was 12 years old and it was pretty scary. Maybe it was mother nature's way of saying Happy Early Birthday, Cole! We were waiting for you!! Hopefully the earth will stay still until we go back to Texas, but I will take an earthquake over a tornado any day...

Omg..tomorrow is Cole's Birthday!! I can't wait!!

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Mattilyn Paige said...

LOL, We so think alike!! I said the same thing about tornados and earthquakes!

And HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY COLE!! Tomorrow will be a very special day for you...and Mommy! Enjoy every moment of it!

Supermom-In-Training said...

Scary!! I don't know - I guess I'm just used to tornados! An earthquake seems scarier to me! Happy almost birthday Cole!!

Sarah and Matt said...

Lucky for us, we live in a place where both are very rare..more likely for tornados but those are rare...I'm glad everyone is okay. I was looking at some of the older pics of Cole. He's changed so much!! It's hard to believe this cute little baby is turning into an even cutier, or should I say HANDSOME, toddler :) I hope the big day goes well. Can't wait to see pics and hope you have a safe rest of your trip and flight home!

Danielle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE! I know there's still an hour and a half left...but it's still so exciting!

Destini said...

Okay, I was trying to wait it out, but I need to visit that distant friend that we all once had - yep, sleep - so
Happy Birthday Cole!!!!

Team Carroll said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was thinking about you guys when I saw this on the news and wondering if you felt the quake!!! I would have freaked. Hope you guys are having a fun, SAFE, and very still time in California!

Scott said...

You haven't posted anything yet today, but if I have the dates right, today....August 1, is Cole's B-day. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful first year he's had and what an absolutly great job you have done both with being great parents and for documenting his journey on this blog.

Keep up the great work Katie and I hope Cole has a perfect first birthday!!!

Scott, Tracey and Colby

Tonya said...


I hope Cole's birthday is as fnatastic as he is!!

Lots of Love from Michigan!

Tonya and Knoah

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE! Hope your day is extra special.
Katie-the earthquake would have scared me too!
Love, Kim & Preston

Tonya said...

Happy 1st Birthday Cole!!!! I hope you have a wonderful and fun day!!!

Lots of love, Tonya

Lisa said...

Happy First Birthday Cole! What an exciting time for you and your family. May there be no more tornados or earthquakes for some time.
Enjoy your time together!

How Life Is Measured said...

Happy 1st Cole! It just goes to prove that it's an earth shattering event!
Hope you had a great day today!!!!
Cat, Dan and your buddy Owen