Jul 3, 2008

We are back! With some exciting news!!

Well, we are BACK in the state of Texas! Cole and I got in yesterday afternoon and the flight wasn't so bad...He was EXTREMELY active and could NOT sit still for the take off, but he finally settled down and crashed across my lap. He woke up the last hour or so of the flight and drank his bottle on the descent down. Once we got off we got to see Daddy!!

Ok...so a recap of our trip home...
Cole got to swim almost every day we were in California and boy did he LOVE it...he swam in his bathing suit, in his floaty and the one he loved most...his birthday suit! Yes, Cole got to go skinny dipping thanks to Mimi and Grandpa!

Cole and Grandpa in the hot tub

Mimi let Cole go skinny dipping

Omg!! This is soo cold! (oh..it's 82 degrees Btw)

Hey, this pool isn't so bad

Hanging out with mama

I don't want to wear your sunglasses Grandpa...

Cole and Uncle Chris having a chat about life...Cole's giving him some advice about girls

One day we got to visit my Gigi (great grandma). She took us to lunch and I got to play around her house!

On Saturday, Mimi and Grandpa watched Cole ALL DAY LONG while I got to celebrate my besties engagement! She had asked all the bridesmaids to wear royal blue...hence the reason we are all in the same color.

Krystle and Jed...the perfect couple!

Me and my love Jenn!

6 out of the 8 bridesmaids

The Alpha Phi girls!!

2 of my besties having some fun with the decorations


We also had 2 milestones happen while in California!!!!

Cole got his first 2 teeth!! OMG!! They look like little pearly chiclets! He has 2 more coming in on the top as we speak! The picture was taken before the other one popped through...

OK...are you ready for the next one and most exciting?!?......Cole sat up on his own!!! Can you believe it?? He did it twice and hasn't done it since, but I know it's coming. He was sitting in the grass and my dad had given him his glass to play with, so I backed away from him and he sat there!! I even got a picture of it on the first time. Once he realized that he wasn't being supported by me, he got wiggly and fell over....but I know he will do it again!!

On my last day, I went to lunch with my 3 best gals (they were also in my wedding) and we went shopping for Cole's 1st birthday which is in less than a month! Can you believe it?

Danielle, Me, Krystle, Cole and Jenn

We celebrated Cole's 11 month birthday...ok..not really, we just needed an excuse to eat cake ;)

Cole with his aunties..he was eating up all the attention he got that day.

Can you guess the theme to his party from this picture??

Brooks' sister and our niece and nephew came up one day to go swimming with us. Cole loved just watching them...they had so much energy and he looked like he REALLY wanted to join in, but just couldn't figure out how to play.

Cole getting some lovin' from his Aunt Jen

Last but not least...I took Cole by the first house and Brooks and I bought! We only lived there for 10 months before he took a new job that moved us to Northern California. It's kind of funny because we built that house and didn't live there long enough to landscape the front yard because we focused on our backyard first...4 years later....the new owners still haven't done anything to it! I still love that house though...so many memories!

It's good to go home and it always good to come home! Cole and I are glad to be back in daddy's arms!

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Caden's Story said...


Looks like a great time! Cole's floaty for the pool is very cute! and his first tooth ...how exciting! Way to Go Cole for sitting up on your own! I'm a little jealous, Caden isn't quite there yet.


Tonya said...

What a great trip!!

His first teeth!! Trust me it is better ehn they come through two or more at a time! Hopefully he wasn't too fussy for them!

YEAH! For sitting up on his own!! Good job!! Now the fun starts! Enjoy the exercise Katie!

Kim said...

First off you look fab in all your pictures. How do you keep your hair so straight in this heat and humidity? Do tell!
Second-Cole is the cutest thing. He is looking like such a little boy now! I love his new teeth! They are adorable. GO COLE on sitting up too! That is awesome!
I am glad you had such a great time in CA!

Katie said...

Kim- It's all in the flat iron! I have super curly hair (I'm half Italian). I use the HAI flat iron...and I LOVE it! I've used it for years! There's my secret!

Caden's Story said...

OK - tell how you have time to straighten your hair with a 10 month old? Mine's curly ... not enough hours in the day :-) I'm half italian too ... do all italian's have curly hair?

emily said...

Congrats Cole on the amazing milestones!

Jennifer said...

Welcome home Katie and Cole! We missed you! Cole looks like he's quite the lady charmer...as if I didn't already know that. His teeth are precious and WOW sitting UP. Way to go Cole. He just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Beautiful pictures of you and your friends and family. Cole=milestones=showing off for family and friends!

Danielle said...

Congratulations Cole! It's amazing that one day they just do it like that. Before you know it he'll be an expert! Great pictures...and I have to admit I'm jealous-you look so great in all your pictures! It looks like you had a fun trip home. And of course Cole is just a cutie!

Danielle said...

ALSO - I want to see pics of this curly hair!!

Destini said...

How great that Cole loved the water! Enjoy it this year because after his is walking and thinks he is a "big boy" then he will refuse to get into the "baby floats" and you will be having a battle with swim vests (can you tell what I've been up to lately?).

Sitting up is such a great milestone for Cole and makes your life so much easier - good bye infant seat, hello shopping carts and high chairs!

Rob & Michelle said...

Katie, I can't believe a year has already gone by! Cole is so adorable... I love his swimming pictures :) He looks really comfortable in the water. I'm glad you had a great trip home!

Aunt Jen said...

Katie and Cole- It was so much fun getting to play with you and go swimming. I am amazed at how much Cole has changed since Christmas. I figure at that rate he'll have this playing thing figured out by next month when we get to see him again. I'm glad that your trip home went smooth and can't wait to see the whole fam next month. Love you guys- Aunt Jen, Noah and Brooke

Anonymous said...

Way to go Cole! Parker is *still* not sitting on his own, and he is 15 months! He started pulling up to stand and has lost interest. It looks like you had a fun trip -- thanks for the photos!