Aug 4, 2008

The Big O-N-E!

We are back from our California birthday extravaganza! It was more like a birthday weekend! Cole had lots of fun at his party with all of our family and friends right there next to him. I couldn't have done it without my parents, Brooks' parents... and my two girls, Jenn and Krystle! A BIG thank you to everyone!!! I wish I had more pictures of his party decorations because they were sooo super cute!! It was a jungle theme and I loved it! We had one meltdown during the party. I wanted Cole to just dive right into his little smash cake...he had different plans. Instead of just letting him discover his cake, I had to try and light the candle. I pulled the cake away from his little hands and he lost it!! Even when I gave him back the cake he just cried and cried. After that was nap time. We tried the cake a little later and all he cared about was the little lion toy on top...oh well! I have tons of pictures, so I will try and just post the cutest! Cole got tons of great gifts and enough money to buy his new big boy car seat!!

These pictures were taken on his actual birthday! My family and Brooks' family all went out for a birthday dinner celebration!

Cole with Grandpa and Mimi (my parents)

Cole and Grandpa Johnson

Cole and his Nana

Cole's super cute jungle cake!

My sorority sisters that came to celebrate (minus one)

Cole's 2nd birthday shirt! It says his name all around the circle...

Birthday bib

3rd outfit change!

This kid made out like a bandit!

Take 2 with the smash cake...all he wanted was the lion...

After the party, Cole went swimming with daddy!

Wheww, I'm tired from just typing that! We had a great week, but we are all exhausted! Cole has one more birthday party on Saturday with all of our Texas friends and then his birthday is OVER! This was the first and last big parties he will have ;) Ya, right! I can't believe it has been a year already. I know it's cliche, but time does fly! I want to elaborate on my thought of my boys first year of life, but it will have to be another day.

Please cross your fingers that Cole's sleep study goes A-OK tomorrow night!

16 sweet comments:

Andrea said...

What a fun day for Cole!! Happy Birthday, Cole! Love all of his b-day shirts and the cake looked awesome!

P.S. My mom is a Mimi, too!

The Book of Renee and Ryan said...

Happy First Birthday to Cole and lots and lots of luck tomorrow! I hope he can actually sleep this time.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Cole! What a great party! Looks like everyone had a fun day. Seamus had a similar meltdown at his first birthday, except it involved everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him...apparently it was just too much to handle! The pool pictures are absolutely adorable.

Holly & Jon said...

ohhh Happy Birthday Cole!! I am sad I missed the party! I was thinking of him the whole time :)

Good luck with the sleep study, i will keep my fingers crossed!!


How Life Is Measured said...

I've been waiting for this post. I've been dying to see how it went and to see pictures. I laughed out loud at the 1st one of him swimming with that huge grin on his face! Cutest thing ever! It looks like it was a great time. What a lucky baby! The cake was awesome too. I'll be thinking of you & the sleep study!
Good Luck!

Kim said...

So excited to see the pictures. Where to begin? Yes he made out like a little bandit-the fun is finding places for all of these toys.
I totally appreciate the three outfit changes:-)
The jungle cake was amazing! Don't worry about his meltdown-at Preston's first birthday right after the singing he snapped his party hat and it made a welt on his little cheek. The pics were of Preston with sad eyes but eating cake nonetheless. (I fondly remember Seamus' first b-day and the meltdown when we sang to him also-so they all cry):-)

It's so hard to pick a fave picture since they are all great (of course) So glad you had a great time.

Good luck tomorrow

Jennifer said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Cole you wonderful boy! Aren't we all so lucky you came into the world! Absolutely darling pictures and yes, these babies are SPOILED! But in a good way for sure! He's such a happy boy.

Jaime said...

It sure looked like one fun birthday party! Now how in the world did you get all of those toys home to Texas? I adore the outfit with his name on it! Thank you for sharing his first birthday with us!

Team Carroll said...

OMG!!! These are some of the cutest pics of Cole yet!! The party looked like tons of fun! The cake was amazing...the outfit changes were super cute...and I LOVE the pics of him having a fit as he's eating the cake :) It never goes quite the way we expect :) Sweet Cole will be in my prayers! Hope all goes well!!

Alex said...

first of all, happy birthday Cole!! It looks like the party was a huge success! I love all the pictures they are great!!

Jennjilla said...

I love the outfit changes! I wish I had planned ahead like that for Sawyer's!! :)

Did you guys have to hire another plane to take all his stuff back here? I hope he's having a blast with all of his new toys!!

Happy 1st, Cole! You're a cutie pie

Mattilyn Paige said...

We had a blast at Cole's birthday party! His cake was super yummy!! So how did you manage to get everything home? I had to ship a box of Mattilyn's gifts. And how was the flight? Did he sleep the whole way? Ahhh-aren't you glad to be home? I AM!

Anonymous said...

OMG Katie! That is the cutest cake I've ever seen! Looks like he had a great birthday. Good luck with the sleep study!
Amanda & Parker

Tonya said...

I am glad Cole had a 1st Birthday to remember!!! We'll be thinking about you during the sleep study!!

Destini said...

Cole is one popular 1 year old - and it's not hard to figure out why - he's so darn cute! He is definitely looking more like a little boy and less like a baby every day. Good luck with the sleep study - after your last episode we are definitely not looking forward to Trace's upcoming appt.

Lisa said...

Happy Happy First Birthday Cole! Now, play with all of those toys.
What fun!