Aug 14, 2008

A Birthday Bash!

Shouldn't every kid get a 2nd 1st Birthday? Ya, right! Cole's Birthday.. I mean birth-month is officially o-v-e-r. I told Cole not to get used to having 2 parties every year. We had a nice time last Saturday celebrating with some of our Texas friends! There were about 15 people and lots of yummy food and cupcakes! Here are just a few pictures from Cole's Pirate Birthday Party!

Cole had a MRI yesterday morning and we are now waiting to hear back from the neurosurgeon. He slept most of yesterday and was so groggy from the anesthesia, but he is back to normal today! Our neurologist called this morning to let us know that the fluid has mildly increased. I don't know how to read that. He refers everything over to our neurosurgeon, so he's the doctor that I'm really waiting to hear from. If you remember last time it took him 2 looong weeks to call us back so lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't take that long this time. I'm not super concerned with Cole just because he doesn't show any symptoms of it hurting him. He is physically developing on a regular schedule, but I'm still super anxious to hear back from the doc.
Still no word on the sleep study. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed in this department as well!! Man, the things us parents go through..all this waiting and hoping and not really knowing. I kind of had a mini-meltdown Tuesday morning while fighting with insurance and dealing with all the doctors that Cole has and feeling sorry for myself and my baby. It's still the question that always comes up when we are dealing with these kinds of things...why us? I know it will never get answered, but I can't help but always wonder.
Tomorrow is the hubby's birthday! Brooks will be the big 2-8!! We have a babysitter for the night and are going out to a romantic dinner...ahh adult time! Then, Saturday we are having Cole's 1 year pictures taken and some updated family photos! I will be sure to post them when we get them!

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Jennifer said...

Katie, I'm speaking as a nurse now, don't be afraid to call repeatedly if you have to to get the information you are entitled to. Remember, the squeaky wheel....

Is Brooks going to get 56 birthday parties? Is that how it works in your family, everybody gets double???

Congratulations on being related to two handsome and wonderful boys.

Michelle said...

I love your new page! Cole is so lucky to have great parents like you and Brooks! Happy Birthday Brooks!

Kim said...

Ilike the new layout! You guys are getting creative! I love the pirate theme. I also love that you and Brooks got in on the action. My fave pic is Cole giving the pirate face.
I am hoping that you get positive news about Cole from both doctors. Hugs, Preston and Mommy!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pirate family photo. But then, I LOVE anything pirate-y. I have been looking at costumes for Bryan for Halloween and was thinking he should be a pirate. hmmmmmmmmm...

Keep calling the dr.! Remember, they move on to the next patient when you walk out the door...keep calling!!!!

YaYa to Bryan

Lucy said...

Hi Katie!
I am Caden's grammy....and follow your story everyday as I read Trisha's updates.
Your new border made me comment today! I love love love it!!! Where do you find this stuff? I want that black & white border on some stationary! Hmmm where do I find it?
Anyway, while I am here....let me say that I think you and your family are absolutely adorable!!
It is so heart warming for me to watch you, Trish and all the blogging mom's share your lives together. What a wonderful and amazing gift to have friends so many miles away from one another.
Your mom & dad must be so proud of you as I am of Trisha!!
Hugs from Seattle!

emily said...

Love the pirate party! You got some great photos! I am a nurse also, and I have to agree with the first comment...just keep calling! Things in a doctor's office get overlooked all the time, and giving them a daily reminder that you're waiting for info certainly can help speed things along. Best of luck with the results.

Greene Family said...

Great photos - it looks and sounds like Cole had a great 1st birthday month! Such a cutie as a pirate!

I'm not a nurse, but I agree with Jennifer . . . keep calling . . . my son's doctors are all probably sorry that they ever told me in the beginning to keep calling until I get my questions answered. :) Waiting is tough though!

Enjoy your night out - Happy Birthday Brooks!

Jenn & Simon

The Valiant Family Updates said...

I love the pirate party theme! I can't believe he's one already!

RE: your last post (I'm just catching up)...I know exactly what you are talking about. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't comment when we are out about must just be human nature.

I laughed about the big brains/smart comments b/c we've heard that for going on 9 years since we have 3 "big headed" boys. The good news: they are really smart;-)

Keep your chin up girl;-)

Caden and Mommy said...


There is nothing wrong with a birthday month :o) Before Caden I made it a point to let everyone know when it was my birthday and I would celebrate all week ... now amazingly all my attention goes to Caden!

I know what you mean about dealing with the doctor bills and insurance. It literally can be an all day adventure just to get one question ironed out. I look forward to the day when our boys only have to go to the doctor once a year ... I hear eventually that will happen with our achons. I know, hard to believe now!

It is suspensful waiting for those darn test results! I know when Caden had his first sleep study they said it would be 4-5 weeks before we got results. Then they called 2 days later to say it was severe obstructive sleep apnea. There is a positive for you ...they haven't called immediately following so hopefully the results aren't too negative!
Hang in there!

Holly & Jon said...

The picture of Cole making his "Aarrgghh" face is SOOOO CUTE!!! I love it!! Tell Cole that Jon celebrates his birthday for an entire month too!! It must be a Leo thing ;)

How Life Is Measured said...

What's kind of socks does a pirate wear?
Aaaaarrrrggggyle! Hahahaa!
Love the new layout!

Tonya said...

LOVE the party theme!! Happy Birthday Cole!!! I hope you snag some pretty cool booty and your treasure trove is full!!