Aug 16, 2008

KozyPal Cart Cover

Now that Cole can sit up on his own, I thought it was time for one of those super cute covers for the grocery cart! I still need to get a picture of him in it, but he loves it! It keeps all of those nasty germs away from him and it's soft and cushy. It can fit on ANY grocery cart and on restaurant high chairs! Plus, they have the cutest fabric!! If you need one I seriously recommend these bad boys!

Here's the one I ordered! Brooks thinks it's kind of girly, but I LOVE it! If you follow the link I provided it will take you straight to their site, plus I get credit for recommending them!

6 sweet comments:

Amanda said...

I have one of those! Seriously....! A life saver!!

mylittlelovebug said...

Hey Katie! I am Cara's friend Jodi and I have enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of months. I am sorry it has taken so long to comment! Cara said that we all have so much in common and I am looking forward to meeting you at Keno. Your little family is so adorable and your story is inspiring!
BTW: The cover is precious!!

Team Carroll said...

Hey girl!! I have the SAME ONE!!! Only, mine is green instead of blue :) Great minds think alike!! You will love, love, LOVE your KozyPal Cart Cover!!! It's adorable and I get compliments on mine all the time! It definitely gives me a reason to shop that much more!!

Greene Family said...

I've never seen a cart cover that looks so cushy! My little one is not sitting up on his own yet, but he is getting there, so I am definitely going to look into getting one . . . thanks for sharing!

Jenn & Simon

Mike said...

Umm... Yep, it's girly... LOL

KozyPal Team said...

Hi there fellow blogger,

Could you please help us get the word out about our giveaway. We think your readers might enjoy this ;)