Aug 6, 2008

Sleep Study A-OK

We are home from a veeery long night! I discovered that my son is a bed hog. There were no cribs available, so Cole and I were forced to share a full size bed and he slept on my side. I had the very edge of the bed, but at least we got a sleep study out of him!! Yaaaa! Lets keep our fingers crossed that this was our last one! The technician that did it was the same one from our first sleep study, so I knew that was a good sign. I'm exhausted because I didn't really get any sleep, but the night was all about Cole. Thank you for all of your prayers and finger being crossed because they really helped!

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Jaime said...

Katie, I'm so glad to hear that it went well this time around. As for Cole being a bed hod, I've never actually slept in the same bed as Caitlyn, but I just know that she would be stealing the space too! Although I know that she wouldn't steal the covers because she rarely sleeps with them on, being so warm all the time. Try and get some much needed rest today, as I am sure that you need it!

Matthew Laurin said...

Katie, I'm so glad to hear it all came out well! Sounds so much better then the last one that didn't work out! I love the picture too. Looks like you have a drooly, teething boy there :) I have about 2 years worth of pics of Will with his shirt like that.
I am catching up here, so I will comment on the party too- what a cute theme! I absolutley LOVED the cake and am quite jealous and now want to do a theme like that..guess I need another baby :) Very cute and he sure did make out with all those toys! Lucky little boy :)

Matthew Laurin said...

uh I didn't realize I was logged in under Matts wanted to be sure you knew who I was :) Sarah

Holly & Jon said...

oh good job cole!! yay for a successful night!

Kim said...

Katie-Cole and Preston share that trait-when Preston is at my parents' he'll climb into bed with me and practically force me out of bed!
I am so happy the sleep study went very well! YAY! Also-can Cole get any cuter in that new picture. I noticed it the other day in black and white. It is totally precious!

Tiffany said...

Hi Katie~
I am a friend of Cara's (Team Carroll). I wanted to stop by and say 'Hi'! I ended up on your blog through hers and I've been reading ever since! I just have to tell you...Cole is absolutely adorable!

I'm so glad you and Cara had the chance to meet!

Take care~
Tiffany :)

Lynn Weddle said...

Hi there!
Stumbled on your blog looking for a Safari cake for our boy's first birthday (yours is soooo cute!). Your blog is very inspiring and I'm keeping it on my "to read" list. Cole is an adorable little boy, very snuggly.

Jess said...

Hey, Ive started reading your blog in the past few days and i have totally fallen in love with your lil boy, he is just adorable and has a smile that could melt any heart. I know exactlly what you mean about bed hog!!! My eldest caughter Rylie who is 3 Sleeps with us (well daddy ends up on the couch) when she is sick and OH MY i probably get about 30cm of out verr big bed lol.

Glad to hear things went well and i hope you can get some rest.

Team Carroll said... sounds like this sleep study went so much better than the last one. I was thinking of you and Cole & praying everything went okay. Glad to hear it was better this time around! Let's definitely get together sometime next week!! I go back to work on the 18th :( Talk to you soon!!