Oct 23, 2008

{TaG, i'M iT}

I've been tagged by Tonya, over at What is Normal? So, I must give the people what they want...

{10 yEaRs Ago I ....}
1. Was a Junior in High School...Go Eagles!
2. Drove an Acura Integra, stick shift...thanks dad (sense the sarcasm for the stick??)
3. Had a lame-o boyfriend
4. Loved having no responsibilities
5. Had a great time with my friends!

{5 ThInGs On ToDaY's tO-dO-LiSt}
1. Laundry (Boooo!!)
2. Take Cole for a walk..makes it sound likes he my dog..sorry Cole :)
3. Clean the house
4. Change diapers
Gosh, my day sounds really exciting!

{5 tHiNgS i WoUlD dO iF i WeRe A MiLliOnAiRe}
1. Move back to Cali
2. Pay off my mortgage
3. Furnish my house
4. Buy a fancy new car
5. Help out the ones I love

{5 pLaCeS I'vE LiVeD}
1. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
2. San Bernardino, CA
3. San Jose, CA
4. Frisco, TX
5. Allen, TX

{5 JoBs I'vE Had}
1. Hostess for a restaurant for 2 weeks in high school
2. Teachers Aid at a daycare during college
3. Admin for our Corporate office
4. Front Desk supervisor at Brooks' gym
5. Kids Club supervisor for Brooks' gym

I am going to tag, Holly(baby on the way!), Heidi (Noah), Alex (Anais), Jenn (Simon) and Amanda (Carsen)
For some extra fun, I even added a picture of me back in the day. This wasn't exactly 10 years ago, but this was as close as I could get since all my pictures are in scrapbooks. Ahh, I miss the skinny days :)

Me and my friend Pam!

3 sweet comments:

Jodi said...

Hey! Thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy! :)
RE: Midnight Sun. I found another website where she did an interview. She said that the outpouring of support made her reconsider never releasing it! She said that it is still on hold, but she's not sure when she'll release it. She also said that in a couple years she might revisit the Twilight series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

mejane said...

At first I read "10 years ago I was in Junior H.S..." and I thought "Wow, I am WAY old." You are still a spring chicken but after reading it twice, I don't feel so bad. LOL

preggopammyq said...

Hey that's me!! :) What a trip down memory lane, huh? You look great in this one-wish I could say the same for myself! haha