Nov 5, 2008

{mY FiRsT aWaRd}

Andrea awarded me the above award! I feel honored, blessed and thrilled ;) LOL In honor of receiving this award I must name 7 things I'm grateful for...

1. My amazing husband. He always supports me in all that I do. He is my rock and my best friend.
2. My little bundle of chubby goodness...Cole! I never knew true love until I met you.
3. Great family. I have been so blessed to have the family and in-laws that I have. They are there for me in my darkest of hours.
4. Fantastic friends. My California friends & my Texas buds keep me sane.
5. My wonderful, outstanding, supportive LP blogging family. I may not know you in person, but I feel you in spirit. I am so incredibly blessed to have found you all. Nobody knows what it's like to be me more than all of you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have given me so much without even realizing it.
6. My snugly pooches...Honey & Riley. You were my "babies" for so long and will always hold a special place in my heart.
7. Last but certainly not least...all that I have been given in life. Sometimes I don't feel like I derserve all that I have, but I appreciate it beyond words.

I must pass this Kreative award onto the person responsible for helping me make my blog oh so fab...CARA! You are creative beyond words girl!!

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The shout out to us made me tear up! I am so happy we all have each other!