Nov 23, 2008

{tWiLiGhT ReViEw}

{Alert: There are NO spoilers in this review}
So most of you know how {OBSESSED} I am with Twilight. I bought my tickets over a week ago and booked my sitter even further than that. Brooks and I went to dinner first and then headed over to the theater an hour early. I was told that there would be crazy lines. Brooks thought I was nuts. He said that we only needed an extra 15 minutes, but me being the uber pro fan said otherwise. We walk in and head over to our {super long line} of....4 people! What?!? Where is this long line I was expecting? Brooks laughs at me and we decided to walk around a little since we felt silly for being in line an hour early. We were soo in luck because there was a showing that started in 10 minutes. We decided to see how many seats where available and our luck was on because we found 2 great seats!!
Brooks hadn't read the books, so I was worried he wouldn't get the movie. I was also not holding high expectations since I knew how great the books were. Overall, I {LOVED} the movie!! We both thought it was entertaining. There were a few cheese spots that I could have done without. Here are my grips:
-How much powder they used on the Cullens...seriously OVERKILL! You could see the different color between their face and neck. Haven't these makeup artists heard of blending?
-Edward had on too much lipstick! Yuck! Not so sexy when he was wearing more than Bella.
-The running/tree scenes. This was waaay too long and we get it...he's fast! Move on...
-How many preview they showed of Twilight over the last few months. I felt as though I had seen the movie without actually seeing it.

Other than those small {fixable} items, I thought it was great! It was action packed...uber romantic and so entertaining. I loved when Jacob came on and Brooks leaned over and said "Oh, so that's Jacob." He had heard for so long about Edward and Jacob and finally got to put the two together. I loved the actors they used. I can't wait for Jacob to cut his hair because I know there is a hottie underneath! {BTW: Where do I know that actor from? He's been in something before and I can't put my finger on it. It's driving me a little crazy.} This movie had some really good music too! Which is very important. I can't wait for the sequel...even though I thought they should have ended it like the left us in the first book with the first chapter to New Moon...the blood scene. That's just my opinion. Overall I say 2 thumbs up and totally recommend this movie even to those that haven't read the book. The movie left me gitty and happy and so in love...hurry...I'm sure you can catch the next showing!!

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Tiffany said...

My husband and I saw it yesterday morning! We both really enjoyed it {Micah's never read the books either}! I totally agree with the flaws...that's Hollywood for ya though :-)

{How about the part when he glistens on the sun?!?!}

Overall, it was very entertaining...can't wait for the love triangle with Jacob!!!

Destini said...

Alright, I guess I am going to have to read these books. I really hate to "jump on a bandwagon", but if they are that good, then I must read them. I'll let you know what I think, but be warned that my expectations are very high.

Jodi said...

I loved it too! So did Eric! I did my review on my blog :). I can't wait for the next one too!!!

Andrea said...

Amen to all the complaints (plus the sparkle scene, too). Yet, it wasn't enough to tear me away or keep me from seeing it again--I loved it!

I didn't recognize Jacob's from anywhere but look here--maybe you've seen one of these.

Jennjilla said...

I'm gonna have to concur with the rest of the ladies - I liked it overall, but there were some serious cheese moments. I agree, they should've totally ended it like they did in the book. That would've been awesome!

I'll see the next one for sure, though! Staring at Edward is awfully nice for 2 hrs!!

Holly said...

Jon is taking me to see it on Tuesday. I am kinda worried because I feel like I am going to be disappointed. I just don't see how the movie could ever measure up to the book!

Heidi said...

I totally agree with you! And, I thought the running and tree climbing scenes were soooo poorly done, they looked WAY fake. My cousin told me Jacob is from "Shark Boy and Lava Girl", I have NO idea what that is, but she has kids, so apparently it was some super duper kids movie!

AND, I can't wait to own it on DVD and for the next one to come out!!!

Mattilyn Paige said...

I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but I think you are talking about the guy from the OC. (I know, I'm so out of the loop, I don't even know which character he is!!) But he played Marissa Cooper's love interest for a minute, who was the bad guy from the other side of town. And if I remember correctly, he was somewhat responsible for her death in the end. Anyway, I think that is who you are talking about....hope I helped! And for the record, I plan on reading the book very SOON!!