Feb 8, 2009


Cole decided that he was getting a little bored with it just being him and me day after day, so we thought that we would spice things up a bit and invite some friends over! It's so much fun seeing a handful of toddlers run through the house. Cole had so much sharing his toys and eating lunch with Keagan, Jorja and Carsen. Our friend Nathan got sick at the last minute and wasn't able to share in the festivities, but we did miss him. Jorja even made the sweetest doggie cookies for her friends.

Cole just loved his so much that he had to take Carsen's as well...sorry buddy!

We got lucky that the kids sat still enough for a picture on the stairs.

{Just the boys}
and then they were gone...right up the stairs.

These two boys share something really neat... August 1, 2007! The day they were born!!

...and it wouldn't be a complete date with Cole and Jorja if there wasn't a little love involved. We just found out that the doctors estimate Jorja to be over 6 feet tall! She is just a week older than Cole. I think it's safe to say that these two would make quite the "odd" couple! hehe! I know they will be friends forever :)

Thanks for coming over guys...Cole had a great time and I loved the mommy chat!

9 sweet comments:

the rodriguez crew said...

aww so cute! I love playdates! wish we could HAVE ONE in fact. :)

are those little puppy cookies hard to make? I could make those for the kids at MDO maybe? would love the recipe if you happened to get it!

The Leonard Four said...

how cute are these little friends?!?! and i can see cole and jorja's puppy love! cute, cute, CUTE!!!

Sarah said...

Great pics. They are all so cute!! I love those cookies. Did she actually make them? If so I'm totally jealous of the creativity and will have to try this!! SO cute!

Melissa Swartley said...

Awww! Cool cookies! Play dates are so much fun!!

Jennifer said...

What great pictures and it looks like such a fun time!

Kim said...

ADORABLE! How nice to also have a birthday buddy for Cole. Jorja is such a tall girl-wow six feet-she will be a model for sure! Her and Cole are the cutest!

mejane said...

Love the pictures! Those puppy cookies are awesome! How did she make them? Can you ask her for us?? :)

kiki said...

The last picture is so cute! The puppy cookies are adorable. Gotta ask Becky how she made them.

Greene Family said...

I love playdates as much as Simon does! :) It looks like Cole had a great time with his friends - cute pictures! Those cookies are really cute too!