Feb 23, 2009

I ♥ ....

Here are a few {food} items that Cole 's :

1-Minute Maid Fruit Falls

With less than 1 gram of sugar these sweet drinks are the perfect treat! Made of mostly water I don't feel guilty giving Cole something that he loves. I think he mostly likes the fun straw, but he will suck these puppies down!

2- Veggies in a cup

Whoever thought of these is a genius! My friend Becky is the one who shared these little bits of heaven with me! Cole just loves his veggies {especially peas} that's why they aren't pictured...all gone! At Walmart you can grab these on the go cups of vegetables. They are perfect for those not-so-healthy kids meals at restaurants!

3- Nutri-Grain Bars

Cole loves these for breakfast or for a quick snack. They are delish! If we are on the go I just throw one in my purse and he can snack on it in a hurry. They keep him full and they have lots of yummy flavors. Totally a favorite of Coles.

4- Yo baby Yogurt

Lots of fun flavors and made with whole milk so I know he is getting a serving of that yummy white stuff that he doesn't always want to drink. Sometimes I have to give him a spoon of his own to play with or this stuff ends up all over the place. Great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

5- Banana's or Nana's as he calls them

Excuse my overly ripe naners, but Cole loves to eat these things by the dozen! He takes the biggest bite possible and fills up those cute little cheeks of his. Sometimes we will mash them up in his oatmeal for breakfast. These are a staple in our household since he won't even touch any other fruit.

6- Baked Goldfish

I don't think these need any explanation. Pretty much every child {and adult} loves these crunchy little guys.

So what are some of your child's favorite snacks? We are always looking for some yummy alternatives during the day!

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Melissa Swartley said...

Yo Baby yogurt is the best! Sonya could seriously devour a whole 6 pack in a single day! Goldfish are a must have too! Her absolute favorite is Gerbers freeze dried yogurt drops, we call them puffies! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing Cole's favorite food items. It seems like Cole and Madison have a lot of the same favorites. I've never seen the veggie cups (the fruit cups are a staple in our household) and will definitely be going to pick some up. Madison also loves Gerber Yogurt Melts and Quaker Mini Rice Cakes (apple cinnamon is her favorite). Again, thanks for sharing.
Melissa and Madison Gunty

Heidi said...

Oooh, Noah and Cole could be roomies, and share the grocery bill! Noah also hearts, bananas, goldfish, & yo-baby. Noah also chows down on pretzels, mandarine oranges, juicy juice (i like to carry the small juice boxes with me when we are out and about) but his very favorite thing (aside from bananas) are tomatoes, especially the grape tomatoes (i think b/c they are perfectly sized for small hands!)I'll have to try those veggie cups though!

the rodriguez crew said...

WHAT! THERE ARE VEGGIE CUPS!?! I had no idea!!! I'm off to walmart ASAP! never heard of the Fruit falls either, will be snatching some of those up too! We only do water, and I always feel like he's GOT to be tired of it. i've recently switched from Yobaby to Yoplait b/c it has HALF of the sugar believe it or not. Yobaby is CRAZY high. just an fyi.

I found these snacks at Babies R Us called Snikiddy, that are free of ALL of the bad stuff, and jagger loves them! they are almost like cheese puff balls. perfect for his snacktrap cup. Also, Cole might like Dried Mango for a snack. he can hold it, and gnaw on it (like a dog! ha!), and for some reason, they LOVE it. *i'll bring some for cole to try...

great post!

Melisa said...

I didn't know there were vege cups. Thanks! Capri Sun also has their Fruit Falls version too. Shop Trader Joes...they have some pretty cool snacks for kids too. Vege sticks, etc.

The Leonard Four said...

you know what i heart?

this post! you are so stinkin cute, katie! :)

Kim said...

I have to try these veggies in a cup! I was just at WalMart too! Damn. Next time. I still give Preston puffs because if he wants to snack and I really feel he has eaten enough they are like chewing on air. I don't care that he is three-he still gets them. His new thing is he is allowed 1 100 calorie pack a day! He takes great pride in being able to pick it out himself.

Greene Family said...

Great post - Simon loves pretty much all of the same snacks. I think Simon likes the juice/water boxes because of the straw too, and I'm always surprised at how fast he can drink them. A few other snacks he likes are Toddler Mum-Mums (strawberry flavored organic rice biscuits), Gerber puffs, and cheese & crackers.

Lisa said...

That is a really cute post. Liz loves a lot of that kind of stuff too. She's also a bit odd and will STILL munch on green peppers. Sometimes, I'll put "pointy" cheese otherwise known as shredded cheese in a bowl and she'll munch on that. Carrots and celery with dip are good and easy too!

Anonymous said...

You hit most of Parker's favorites. He also loves string cheese and the small lunchables. (They come in a blue package, but not all grocery stores have them.) He is also CRAZY about bagels. And, he like guacamole - who knew?

If you have a Trader Joe's near you, you can save a few bucks and buy their whole milk yogurt instead of Yo Baby.

Alex said...

those veggie cups from Walmart are so great aren't they? I used to buy them all the time for Sam!!

kiki said...

I'll stop by Walmart after work today. Can't wait to try those veggies in a cup. My Maggie hearts Yo baby too.

Caden and Mommy said...

First off - Cole's hair doesn't look bad at all! I don't think he looks like dumb and dumber :0) I just saw his adorable shirt at Target when I was on lunch.
I will have to look for those veggie cups - but I can't do Walmart :0) I'll check a few of the grocery stores. Caden Loves Peas & Carrots!
Caden also hates fruit - he used to eat bananas but won't touch them now - I don't get it?! We have actually went back to Gerber Baby Food fruits since it is the only way I can get fruit in him.
He eats the Yoplait Fiber One yogurt - the kid needs as much fiber as he get :0)
Caden's other favorites include Quaker granola bars and Cat Cookies from Trader Joes. They are similar to graham crackers and have no artificial preservatives, etc.
Trisha :0)

Tammy said...

So cute Katie! We like a lot of those things, too! We no longer need whole milk foods, but they still love yogurt and loved the Yo-Baby. Some of our favorite snacks are applesauce (one of the only ways that Chloe will eat fruit), pretty much anything by Earth's Best (cereal bars, Elmo crackers, juice boxes). We also love all the Annie's bunny crackers! They are the best. Another snack cracker that my girls love is the SnapPeas by Calbee... they are baked green peas (kind of salty and greasy, but packed with protein! and better than a chip). Also, I can't give them pretzels to snack on anymore without peanut butter for dipping :)

Emily said...

My kids love dipping pretzels in yogurt and peanut butter. We also love pigs in a blanket - turkey dogs and american cheese wrapped in reduced fat crescent rolls. Another big hit is Nutri-Grain frozen blueberry waffles. And whole-grain Goldfish are a staple!

Team Carroll said...

I second what Paige said about the Yoplait yogurt!! PLUS, there are tons more flavors to choose from..Landon hearts key lime pie the most ;)
We're also BIG fans of cinnamon graham crackers, Ritz Bits crackers with cheese, and fruit chews. OH...and he LOVES those butter flavored flower-shaped cookies (you can get 'em at Wal Mart for like, 98 cents. SO...in a nutshell...we like pretty much any snack that isn't the healthiest ;) LOVE this post!!

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

Hi Katie..fyi, Bryan has the Snoopy Valentine shirt also. He also has the other Snoopy shirt from Target that says "Call Me". I love the Peanuts gang, and am planning a room re-decorate for Bryan and our soon to be born new grandson all done in Peanuts. They have the Peanuts action figures for every holiday..I love it...so old school, like me. :0)

Can't wait to try the veggies in a cup. I do everything in my power not feed Bryan fast food...I think it is poisoning our kids today. Bryan likes most of what you mentioned that Cole eats...but I have found a new fave of his...yogurt covered pretzels...he loves them better than gummy worms (I know...how bad can you get, but he loves them.) He also loves him some Root Beer Float. Hey, I'm the YaYa...I get to spoil him once in a while.

On another note...your pics are looking great..you are really getting good behind the lens.

YaYa to Bryan, and soon to be Jordan too.