Feb 15, 2009

we have a WINNER!

I had 22 people enter for the very first blog makeover!! I used Random.org to generate the winner and it picked.... #16 Jaime Murphy! I can't wait to get started on a new layout for you and your beautiful family! Please email me for details!!

This was so much fun that I may do another one in the future...I just love sharing my HTML knowledge with the world! :)

3 sweet comments:

Greene Family said...

Congrats to Jaime! I can't wait to see her blog makeover.

How Life Is Measured said...

Doh! How could I have missed that contest? I'm so bummed. Mine needs a makeover bad.
Do you use software to do it? I have some scrapbooking software but it gets me nowhere near what you do with your blog. You have a real gift.
You should start a business!

Kristine12 said...

Man.. I wish I would've read this post sooner! My blog is in MAJOR need of a makeover! I'm the queen of updating my MySpace page but this blog stuff is confusing! Let me know if you're going to do another "Katie Makes Your Blog Awesome" contest. ;)