Aug 25, 2009

New Project Alert!

One of my friends has totally got me into the Halloween spirit! It’s only August you say!? Yes, I’m aware! haha BUT you can never be too prepared for the holiday season. I finally found and bought some GIANT spiders to go on the front of my house and I got a few projects in the works! I wanted to share one that I got done today! I think I may list these on the polka dot pig! They are SUPER cute in person. They will be $20 if you are interested and they can say anything you want with any color ribbon!

Made of burlap, ribbon and tulle! Each pennant roughly measures 8” across the top and to the point is 7”.spookyspooky2 spooky1

Please let me know what you think!

6 sweet comments:

Heidi said...

Ooooh I SO SO SO LOVE it! I Love it MORE than mine! I'm so jealous! Did you paint the letters on? It looks awesome!!

Annie said...

ME PLEASE!!! Those are adorable!

Emily said...

These are adorable!

Lucia & Jose said...

So cute Katie!! I love the letters. Such a fun idea.

Holly said...

Ok I totally want one!! How do I place my order? I want mine to say Spooky just like the sample one you have on here.

Can I send you a check today?

Keep your decorations coming...I need some cute xmas decor too ;)

sharon said...

That looks fantastic..wonder what the shipping costs would be?