May 17, 2010

California lovin’

On my trip home last month my mom threw me an awesome baby shower to celebrate the newest addition to our family. It was so fun having all of my loved ones in one place. I had lots of my Alpha Phi sisters come and my oldest and dearest friend since 2nd grade! Plus, some family that I haven’t seen in a while!  I wish I would have gotten a group picture with all of my friends, but for some reason it never happened. Thank you to everyone that came! I love you all dearly!!IMG_4746Cole is the hardest kid to pose for a picture. Most of the time you have to candidly capture of picture of him smiling…as you can tell…this wasn’t candid ;) IMG_4767 My bestie, Krystle from Alpha Phi. Friends now for 10 years!! Wow!

IMG_4756My sister in law made her newest nephew a super cute blanket! Cole loves the one she made for him so I just know Blake will love his too!

KJ_babyshower_20100402_0646Me and Holly. We came into Alpha Phi together and share a birthday ;)KJ_babyshower_20100402_0649 copy  This is my Vanessa who I have known since 2nd grade!! We technically weren’t friends until 7th grade since we had our own group of friends who didn’t like each other….isn’t it silly how girls can be sometime?! We have been best friends ever since!! She is one of those friends that I can go months and not talk to and then we pick up like we never left off when we talk.IMG_4771 IMG_4782 copy Me & my momIMG_4722IMG_4784Cole had so much fun playing with Uncle Chris {my brother}. My brother isn’t a fan of “babies” so this was one of the first trips that he could have some fun with Cole! IMG_4804 KJ_babyshower_20100402_0654 My grandpa with his favorite granddaughter {hence, I’m the only one, but I love hearing it anyway} and with my dad.IMG_4715 IMG_4721

5 sweet comments:

Melisa said...

Ahhh, Blake has certainly been showered! You have some great friends out here in Cali. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

Jennifer said...

So cute Katie! Can't wait to meet Blake. Not long now!

Alex said...

very cute shower! I have a feeling Blake is going to be one loved little boy! :)

Greene Family said...

How fun - cute baby shower! It looks like you and Cole had a great time with family and friends!

Kim said...

Both your baby showers were amazing! You look so spectacular Katie! Pregnancy really agrees with you. At my shower I looked like a preganant beached whale and I had months to go. I used pregnancy as an excuse to shovel penne ala vodka in my mouth three times a week.
Blake is so loved already. Love the pictures of my boyfriend Cole. Yeah good luck with them posing for pictures. I seriously have to bribe Preston to take a good one sometimes. Sometimes he cooperates but that is few and far between. Your brother is a cutie too!