Aug 8, 2010

lazy sundays

This Texas summer has been H.O.T!! Like 108 degree hot and it’s a killer to do anything outside except swim!! Sundays has turned into swim days at our good friends {and neighbor} house. We round the kiddos up and head outdoors to their pool. Since Brooks usually works on Sunday mornings and some of the other daddies are either working or playing golf this works out perfectly!! IMG_8796Cole has this new fear of swimming in the water. I’m not quite sure what it’s all about, but he has just as much fun playing on their big swim step as he does swimming in the water. AND it’s not a group picture unless you find him screaming his head off.  The kiddos love their puddle jumpers! IMG_8766IMG_8716IMG_8814IMG_8763 IMG_8723IMG_8789IMG_8870 Blake was loving all the attention from his sweet friends. Miss L was giving lots of smooches and told me she really wants a baby brother or sister. You better get to it Kylie! ;)

2 sweet comments:

Destini said...

It's not 108 hot here, but not far off! Adorable pictures! Does the float work for Cole? I've picked one up a dozen times and put it back because Trace can't bend his arms??

Greene Family said...

What a great way to spend Sunday mornings! Cute pictures! I'm ready for fall weather after this summer heat we've had.