Aug 18, 2010

my growing boys…

Blake is 2 months old! My how time flies when you are having fun. Blake is a dream baby! He eats and sleeps like a champ! At 8 weeks old he slept through the night {10-6} for the first time. He hasn’t done it again, but I know it’s coming soon. Our goal is 10-7!IMG_9495 At 5 weeks old, Blake was diagnosed with laryngomacia and acid reflux. Our ENT put a tiny little camera down his nose and saw the “floppy airway” that was causing him so much trouble. He is now on Prevacid once a day and ordered to sleep on his tummy. He sounds like a completely different baby now! I used to lie awake at night listening to my baby sound like he was struggling for air. It was awful!IMG_9449

Blake’s 2 month stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 7.5 oz -42%

Height: 22 3/4 inches –40%

head: 15 1/2 inches –33%IMG_9489 copy You are growing and changing everyday! And looking much more like a little baby and not so much a newborn. You rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time at 8 weeks old! I couldn’t believe it! You just love to take in the world during tummy time. You hold that head up so well and just soak it all in.IMG_9482 You hardly ever cry! I mean, really…I am so lucky! Such a content little guy, but only when your belly is full and diaper is dry. You aren’t afraid to tell us when you need something, but once you get it all is right again. This last month you started smiling and talking a little. My favorite is when you look straight in my eyes and give a big happy grin. You are officially out of your newborn clothes which makes mommy kind of sad. You are growing up and I’m afraid I’m going to blink my eyes and you will be starting preschool like your big brother. Speaking of your big brother….you are one lucky little guy! He just adores you! He loves to lie down on the floor next to you and talk about “life.” He is so kind and gentle and always makes sure that mommy is on top of things with you. The one thing he doesn’t like very much is when you cry really loud. He holds his ears and calls for mommy to make it stop with either a bottle or a new diaper. You are still sleeping in a pack n play in mommy and daddy’s room. I’m just not ready to move you upstairs to your room. I love having you close to me.IMG_9527 I am so in love with you little man. We finally had daddy take some pictures of us this month! Can you believe that we didn’t have any!? I’m usually the one behind the lens so it was nice to capture some of us. One of my favorite things you do is snuggle into my neck. I just want to hold you forever. We rock in your chair and sing songs and before I know it you are passed out in my arms. You are such a little love!IMG_9538

Look how much you have changed in one short month!  We all love you so much. It’s hard to imagine a time that you weren’t apart of our family. It feels complete with you in our lives.


lgrier-funktified-swirl8 Cole baby!

My big 3 year old boy!! I can’t believe you are three years old! You amaze me everyday. You are smart and funny and such a love. You are such a mama’s boy right now and I love it! IMG_0001You know all of your letters, shapes, colors and numbers {1-12} and can read a few of your site words. You are a little ball of learning right now! You soak it all in. I can show you any word and you will spell it out to me. One of your favorite songs to sing is the “abc song” and the VERY BEST part of that song is at the end when you clap for yourself and say “yaaaaa” with a huge smile. You are so proud of yourself. Reading books is one of your favorite activities.  IMG_7702    You are a sleeping machine right now! Which is completely ironic because it took us a year and a half to get you to sleep through the night and now you are a champ when it comes to napping and bedtime. I get absolutely no complaints from you when it’s time. I love when you ask me for “5 more minutes” because after your 5 minutes you go straight to bed. You love your big boy bed and sleep so well in it. You always wait for us to come and get you out of it. Most of the time we find you singing or talking to yourself when you wake up. At night, you always want mommy to put you to bed. You have an order that you like your songs…you are my sunshine…twinkle twinkle…row row row your boat. If I forget just one word you will happily remind me. There are a few others that you will try to get me to throw in, but those are the three you love. I just love to watch you sing every word with me. I always get lots of kisses at night.

IMG_8389 Toy Story is your latest obsession! You have literally watched the movie a million times. I’m not sure what that says about my parenting, but it makes you happy. This past year you have gone from everything cars, to dinosaurs, to tractors and now Toy Story. I have to say you are ALL BOY!IMG_8383

 Cole’s 3 year stats:

Height: 33 inches

Weight: 31 lbs 6.4 oz

You currently are wearing a 2T-3T top and 18 month pants and shorts. We certainly get a lot of use out of all of your clothes! You aren’t potty trained yet, but we are working on it. It was a hurdle just to get you to give up “elmo diapers'” and start wearing big boy under wear. You are too smart for your own good, buddy.IMG_8002 Big brother Cole! That you are! You are the kindest, most gentle little boy with Blake. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from you. It took you a few days to get used to him being here, but now you don’t like to go anywhere without him. You have a heart of gold. I can’t wait to see your relationship grow over the years.IMG_7941 My oh my are you the most ornery, stubborn, knows-what-i-want-and-won’t-stop-till-i-get-it little boy! You will need this personality in life, but right now it is sure testing the strength of your mommy. You sit in time out quite a bit little man, but at the end I always get a big kiss followed by “I’m sorry” and “I love you.” There are days where I just don’t know what to do with you, but then you make it all up to me by snuggling in my arms and telling me how much you love me…! I took this picture of you the other day and I was blown away by what a little boy you look like now! Where is my baby?IMG_8941

I love my two boys more than anything in this world! I am one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to experience love like this.IMG_9343

xoxo, mommy

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Mattilyn's mommy said...

Oh my Katie, Blake is such a handsome lil guy! You and Brooks definitely make some beautiful babies!! And YES, Cole looks so grown up...such a "little boy" now and hardly any baby left :(

Jennifer said...

Your posts can make me teary Katie! Your boys are wonderful and I know Owen and Cole would be best of friends.

jenn said...

This is one of my favorite blog entries I have ever read Katie. I got teary eyes just reading it and feeling the happiness, peace and love in your words. Your growing family is beautiful - I love you all too death. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories with all of us. I love you my love!

Marissa said...

what a beautiful post that almost had me in tears. Precious family you have there! Love the picture of you with both of your handsome boys :)

Holly said...

Your boys are so sweet! Cole looks SO grown up already, tear ;( I wish I lived closer so I could love on precious Blake! xoxo

Mike said...

What a big boy!! Caitlin is around 29lbs and 29 inches now so Cole "towers" over her :-) Love the pics!!

Jaime said...

What handsome boys you have Katie! Just like Mike's comment. My Caitlyn is 30 lbs and about 31 inches at age 5. Cole would "tower" over her as well.

Kim said...

Katie, I am so behind in blogging. I have read all of the posts, but want to tell you this one is truly awesome. You are such an amazing mommy. Lately I have been having pangs of jealousy that I did not get to stay home with Preston. You are so lucky that you have experienced every moment. The boys are growing great, and Cole is seriously the same height as Pres was at 3. I just measured Pres for giggles the other day and he is over 36 inches heading towards the 37 that would put him at the tippy top of the achon chart by five.
And they are so handsome your boys. Now looking at Blake you can see what a big boy Cole has become. Don't worry about potty training, it comes, then they can regress, then it comes again. Pres is still in pull ups at night just in case. XOXO!

Mandy said...

What a great letter to both your little men. It made my eyes a little teary. I can't believe how much they both have grown in such a short amount of time. They sure are handsome!

Greene Family said...

Such a sweet post for your sweet boys!! Blake has changed so much in a month and is just adorable as can be! Cole does look like such a little boy now! Time is just flying!
We got Blake's announcement in the mail . . . so adorable!! Love it - thank you! You take the best pictures and have such handsome models!