Sep 11, 2010


  Make the very best friends! I think it’s pretty amazing how these two boys already share quite a bond. From day three {it took Cole a few days to warm up to the little guy} he has loved Blake. He is always concerned when he cries and isn’t afraid to tell me when he needs a bottle or a new diaper. Blake has started following Cole with his eyes all over the room. He gets the biggest smile on his face when Cole sits down to talk to him. I can see him just light up when Cole is around. From the moment I knew we were having another boy, my dream was for them to have each other and love one another always. It makes my heart so happy to see at such a young age they really do love each other.Cotton CandyIMG_5847IMG_5803

5 sweet comments:

Tiffany said...

Your boys are too, too cute ;)

jenn said...

I LOVE the one you used in the updated blog header - Cole'
s smile is to die for! Love love love!

TOLIVER FAMILY said... the shirts

Laurie said...

I love EM Tanner Designs! Beautiful pics!

Greene Family said...

They do make the very best friends! Just wait until Blake is mobile! :) Love the pictures of your sweet boys and their cute shirts!