Sep 11, 2010

football heaven

Blake attended his first football game at Cowboy stadium!! He was such a little trooper! Brooks was given some free tickets and I’ve never seen the new Jerry World so we made it a date. Cole hung out at the neighbors house and had a blast! They went to the park, had pizza for dinner and had dance party with his friends. I know he had way more fun at his friends’ house than at the game with us. Blake was such an angel! Not one tear. He hung out and watched the game…DSCN0124

Then he snoozed on mama for awhile…and then dad and Blake hung out and watched the game. We had the best seats! Seven rows from the field…now if we could get some Cowboy tickets that would be awesome!DSCN0136

4 sweet comments:

Tiffany said...

Football heaven is right! GO COWBOYS!! Can't wait to venture out to that stadium some day!! You guys had great seats....surprised Blake slept through all that fan madness :)

Holly said... I sense a football fan emerging in you?!? Your seats were AMAZING!! I'm drooling just looking at these pictures! Someday, we're comin' out there for a game ;)

Sarah said...

Such a fun family outing! And you all looked so cute doing it. :) your PPB diaper bag - I have the same one! :)

Greene Family said...

It sounds like a great night for all of you! Awesome seats!