Nov 9, 2010

twas the night before halloween

Our neighbors graciously offered their house so we could have a Halloween party. We all chipped in on a bounce house to entertain the troops for hours. The moms may or may not have kicked all the kids out so we could have our turn in the bounce house while we watched all of our kids cry because we wouldn’t let us bounce with them. Let’s just say it was a good thing it was dark out because that was some funny stuff. I think we practically took down the house a few times. There was a BYOTTB {bring your own taco thing bar} and lots of yummy desserts. I know I’ve said it a million times, but my neighborhood kicks booty! I just love these girls AND what’s more important our kids love each other!IMG_1444Too bad we were missing our super hero for the family picture. He was too busy saving the world!IMG_1447IMG_1480IMG_1482IMG_1481We had a sweet little Dorothy…IMG_1461 copyA veterinarian following in his daddies footstepsIMG_1496 copyHis sister the little duckIMG_1513The sweetest little spiderIMG_1528Some cowboys football playersIMG_1567 copyThe group picture is always a fun event. This wasn’t the best picture, but it was the funniest. Please take note of the sweet little duck ripping off my little lions hat! He was so upset!IMG_1662IMG_1664All tuckered out. It’s really tough being a sweet little lion.Sea Sunriseand then we have the only girl I know with multiple outfit changes. Is she not too much?IMG_1693 copyand the scariest dragon around! The kids had a blast racing each other and there was even a piƱata! The weather couldn’t have been nicer and the company and sweeter. Such a great night!IMG_1430

2 sweet comments:

Kim said...

I am so behind in blogging. Katie-such sweet sweet pictures! Just want to eat Blake up in the last picture as a lion. And was Cole crying because his brother was crying? I almost cannot deal with the cuteness on that! How awesome really are bounce houses?

Greene Family said...

Oh my goodness - your boys could not be any cuter!! Love your sweet little lion!! Super Cole looks like he was having a blast! You do have the best neighbors, and it is awesome that Cole and Blake have so many great friends in the neighborhood! Great group photos - all of the kids looked awesome in their costumes!