Dec 3, 2010

5 months…

                                          {Just a few weeks late, but who’s counting?}

Oh, little man you are the light of our lives! Each and every day you make me smile. Your laugh is contagious and your smile infectious. I could have a million of you. Just the most easy going little guy…how did I get so lucky? IMG_3537 copy

You flew on your first airplane ride to see Nana and Grandpa this month and celebrated Thanksgiving early. You were a dream baby on the five hour flight. I think you pretty much slept the entire flight home in my arms. 

Some of your nicknames: Blakey, Blakers, Blakey-boo, bears, Blakey-boy.

You LOVE your tongue! I mean, you are constantly sticking it out or blowing bubbles. Your favorite person is probably your brother. He really does take such sweet care of you. His first concern is usually you. If you are fussy and wanting to be held I will send Cole over to talk to you and play…you just love this! It instantly quiets you down until I can get to you. IMG_3576copy copy

You are so loved Blakey-boo!

1 sweet comments:

Greene Family said...

Love those adorable pictures!! What a sweet baby, and it's so wonderful to see that brotherly love!
Cute nicknames for your cutie pie!
That's awesome that he did so great on the plane ride!