Jan 29, 2011

blakey’s first trip to the park!

We have had the most beautiful weather here in Dallas so we decided to pack up the kids and head to the park. Blake has never been so this was a first for him! I’m lucky that the boys both love to go in the stroller for walks. This was also Blake’s first time in the stroller without a car seat!!IMG_7089 copyIMG_7092 copyIMG_7122 copyIMG_7124 copyCould you not eat up those munchable cheeks!? Blake had a great time hanging out in the woodchips watching all the kids run around and play.IMG_7133 copyIMG_7144 copyIMG_7153 copy 2Cole and Carsen had a great time playing. He may look like he’s not happy, but that’s only because I made him sit up high on the rock climbing wall. As soon as I took him down he was a happy camper…IMG_7186 copySee!! This is when I asked…”Who wants pizza!?” Of couse, Cole was excited over that!IMG_7189 copyIMG_7117 copyIMG_7198 copyAww, sweet hugs for Chloe…not!! This picture looks deceiving. He was really going for the tackle. Which she loved by the way. Chloe can hang with the boys. She’s the toughest 15 month old I know…boy or girl!! She’s also pretty smitten with Cole. He hardly notices her most of the time…typical man.IMG_7204 copyIMG_7209 copy

2 sweet comments:

Kim said...

What a fun day at the park! Is Dallas getting ready for the influx of millions for the Super Bowl? I just love the recent blog posts you have put up. The pictures of the boys at 7 months are so cute. It seems like just yesterday I met you and you had sweet Cole. Now he is all rough and tumble boy with his friend Carsen! I don't do projet life, but I love your two shots so far. And I still take pictures everyday too, although mine are no where's near as artistic as yours!

Greene Family said...

It looks like a great first trip to the park for Blake! Love the pics of him playing in the woodchips! Cole looks like he had a blast too!