Jan 13, 2011

breakfast with santa

Our neighbors, Trey and Kylie hosted a breakfast with Santa party! This was the second annual one and we were so excited to attend this year! Last year I was pregnant with Blake and SO sick! This year we got to bring both boys and we had a blast!IMG_4025IMG_4031Kylie had the place decorated to the max! It was busting with Christmas cheer. Here is Blake and his classic “duh” face and I can’t believe it, but I got Cole to actually smile! We weren’t sure how Cole was going to react to Santa Clause since we haven’t had much luck in the past years, but this year Cole knew what he wanted for Christmas. IMG_4043IMG_4053Cole waited so patiently for his turn. He listened to everything that Santa had to say. He let the girls go first and then it was his turn!! He raced up to sit in his lap and when Santa asked him what he wanted he told him “Toy Story!!” There were a few chuckles from the guests because everyone knows how much Cole LOVES toy story. He had been wanting a “big woody” for awhile and we thought that was going to be what he asked for.IMG_4137We got more of a scared/nervous smile, but it was much better than screaming and tears! I’ll take it!IMG_4108Then, it was little brothers turn and he knew exactly what he wanted for Christmas too…a nice warm bottle of milk! Guess, what…the big guy delivered because right after this…IMG_4098He was passed out in daddy’s arms! Sweet little boy.IMG_4155After all the little boys and girls got to sit in Santa’s lap it was present time. Santa pulled a gift from his sack and read the name. Of course, Cole’s gift was one of the last ones, but he was so patient. Every now and then he would turn around and give me a look like is it my turn yet?IMG_4145Santa even gave the kids a little candy cane and told them the correct way to hold it which makes a the letter “j” for Jesus and he’s the real reason for the season.IMG_4180IMG_4208FINALLY, it was Cole’s present!! He ran up and got it and then had to sit back down and wait for everyone else to get their gift. They had to wait for Santa to tell them it was time to open.IMG_4160IMG_4166and wouldn’t you know it…Santa must have known Cole wanted something toy story because he got a Mr. Potato Head that was dressed up as Buzz Light year! Two of Cole’s favorite characters!IMG_4188IMG_4197IMG_4212IMG_4239Blakey boo even got his first kiss!! Miss Presley was a little love and made sure to give Blake lots of hugs and kisses.IMG_4224IMG_4247

We had a blast! The party was so much fun and we look forward to next year!!!

2 sweet comments:

jenn said...

So fun! And wow her house looks great - she should post a crafty/decor blog! Then I can copy things! Hahaha! The boys are growing so fast - they are beyond cute. I love you all!

Greene Family said...

You have the best neighbors - what a great party! Your boys are always so handsome! Cole is just adorable sitting and waiting patiently for his turn! How cute that Blake even got his first kiss for Christmas - what a smile! :)