Jan 13, 2011


Christmas Eve this year was very low key. We were so lucky that my parents drove in to visit from California and got to spend a week with us. I can’t believe that I didn’t take any pictures of our house for the holidays!! Here is one of our trees {thanks amanda for the help}. We had three trees this year! One in our family room {not pictured} this one in our living room and one in Cole’s room! He LOVED having a tree in his room. Every year we will put his new ornaments on it and when Blake gets a little older we will put one in his room too!!IMG_5908We decided to take my family out to dinner for Christmas Eve to Silver fox steak house and boy was it delicious! Not only did I not have to cook…but I didn’t have to do the dishes either!! More time to spend with the family. We let Cole open one present before bedtime…IMG_5679and he was over the moon that he got a brand new big buzz light year complete with remote control!!!IMG_5683IMG_5688Blake on the other hand was happy with ribbon and paper….IMG_5689Uncle Chris or as Cole calls him “otay” joined in on the fun and spent the night at our house too! I haven't blogged much about “otay” but he is probably Cole’s favorite person on the planet!! No joke…the minute he walks into our house Cole is stuck to his hip.IMG_5695IMG_5708

We put out milk and cookies {homemade by Cole} for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. It was so cute this year because Cole totally got it!IMG_5711and after the boys went to bed we spent the rest of the evening assembling all of “santa’s” gifts that Cole was going to receive in the morning! I secretly think that was the most fun!!IMG_5712

2 sweet comments:

a boy a girl and a pug said...

So cute! And your tree is gorgeous...just breath taking!

Greene Family said...

Your tree is beautiful, and I love the idea of having one in the boys' rooms for their own ornaments! Cute pictures - Cole looks so excited with his new Buzz Lightyear!
It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve! Great idea to go out on Christmas Eve - no cooking and no mess to clean up and more time for family!
I feel like we are in full kid mode when we are putting the boys' gifts together on Christmas Eve - so much fun! :)