Jan 29, 2011

project life

I’m so excited because my project life kit came! If you’ve never heard of it then please check it out. I’m doing my layouts for each week. The hardest part about it is narrowing down which pictures you want to include. Life goes by so quickly and I don’t want to forget a thing. I’ll try and post my layouts as I do them! Is anyone else doing PL? I would love some ideas!! I wanted something easy to hold me accountable for taking pictures {almost} daily. jan17-3


3 sweet comments:

Amanda said...

I had never ever heard of it until you announced it on FB. So I looked it up and this is so up my alley, I can't even begin to explain! I keep dropping hints to my hubby...Valenines day is coming...anniversary is 4 weeks after that...don't forget to keep in mind shipping time...haha. I want one SO bad. I want to do a project 365, but I may change my mind. I guess I'll see when I get it! :)

Porter Carroll said...

BOTH pictures are amazing!!!!! LOVE LOVE them!

Greene Family said...

Great pictures! I've looked up project life kit (haven't ordered it though), and it sounds like a great way to keep up a scrapbook!