Jan 13, 2011

Santa came!!!

Boy did he! Cole must have been a very good boy this year, or tricked the big guy into thinking so because he made out! A kitchen stocked with food…a bounce house from Mimi and Papa, tons of toys, books, buzz light year jammies and more!IMG_5715IMG_5720IMG_5732IMG_5742IMG_5753IMG_5756IMG_5771IMG_5772Thanks Mimi for my elmer fud hat! I think he looks pretty darn cute in it!IMG_5778IMG_5782My dad and his two “babies!” yes, I’m talking about his dogs, Toby and Abby. Cole was in love them this trip! This was the first time they had been to our house and we weren’t sure how all four dogs would get along. Surprisingly it wasn’t my dogs, but Toby unsure of the situation. By the end of the week they were all friends…well sort of…IMG_5792The best attempt at a family photo. We even tried to get the dogs in there too. Notice Cole freaking out…Bake watching him in amazement…Honey {on the left} looking horrified and Riley {on the right} wanting to bark. We are one crazy family!IMG_5802IMG_5814



Thank you mom and dad for making the long drive {21 hours} out to Texas to spend Christmas with us! We all had a great time and were sad to see you go….you know, you could always move here and it wouldn’t be such a long drive…just sayin’

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awww..sweet...looks like yall had a great christmas!

Greene Family said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure it meant a lot for your parents to be there and celebrate Christmas with you! Love the pictures!! Cole must have been very good this year! Simon would love a kitchen set, but we keep trying to figure out where we would put it if we buy him one. Love that picture of Blake with his elmer fud hat - too cute!